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Maggoth - Maggoth

by Quinten Serna at 16 May 2020, 4:24 PM

A statement made in either deference or defiance, such ambiguity is the inquiry left in the wake of MAGGOTH’S eponymous album, “Maggoth.” Now in their 18th year the Polish Thrash band has managed their second album now distributed through Defense Records.

The entirety of the album is composed of track titles which follow a numerical system of order, offset by the subtraction of the first integer to indicate the start at zero, perhaps the numbering is an intelligent and ingenious metaphor of the philosophical condition that all things in the universe begin at zero, then once ascending to the 8th track, or “Infinity” from an askance perspective the cycle repeats hinting at the inarguable resolve that all things known and unknown within the confines of the physical and intrinsic universe which surrounds us do return to zero… or perhaps it was just a simple numbering system; through any device, the album commences with the track aptly named, “0 (Intro),” which in turn begins with screaming that acts as a prelude to the rest of the track which is otherwise a hastened instrumental. “1” starts soon thereafter rising from the fading silence of its predecessor burgeoning with a heavily distorted bass where thereafter the drums and guitars join in to provide the foundation for the vocals to soon fold into. The longest track upon the album, “3,” has about itself a powerful and oddly mannered buildup being far closer to in construction to Industrial rather than Trash or Groove, but quickly shifts its focus to more rhythmic pulses for the progressions that follow. “8 (Outro)” is an acoustic track, which crafts a sound completely different than the rest of the album, sounding as some manner of bittersweet transition, that the listener is leaving behind the journey that had led them to this point of hallowed reception and entering into something which is by far more grand than what is capable with human imagining.

The instruments have a very large sound to them, are themselves simple in nature, and inspire sensations of triumph and energy. The guitars are powerful, thick, and firm; the bass is near similar but gets lost in the sheer volume of the kick for the greater portion of tracks; the drums are intense beyond compare with a heavy saturation on the kick, I cannot think of what would inspire such focus but it is at the center of each and every track; the vocals are interesting to say the least, being put through a hard limiter for the entirety of the album to artificially distort them.

The band has crafted for themselves a sound unique and voluminous revolving around a world of influence from the Groove laden rhythms to the relentless drums MAGGOTH has no issue clearly defining themselves, perhaps this is the reason for their choosing an eponymous album title. For anyone with any penchant or interest for Groove or Thrash this band is a diamond in the rough.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. 0 (Intro)
2. 1
3. 2
4. 3
5. 4
6. 5
7. 6
8. 7
9. 8 (Outro)
Artur Kubiak – Guitar/Vocal
Wojtek Piekarniak – Guitar/Vocal
Pawel Drozd – Drums
Adam Gruszczynski - Guitar
Record Label: Defense Records


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