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Magi - Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not
by Bränisläv Stänojević at 11 March 2015, 6:49 AM

MAGI – their first ever step was made on 1 of January, back in 2011 as a Metal\\Drone Metal project by Brandon Helms in Charlotte, North Carolina – United States of America. Under the banner of Sludge Metal, Post Metal, with addition of Atmospheric Doom, and even in some parts Drone Metal Mr. Helms famed his previous works in FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN and MOUNTAINS AMONG US. MAGI released their first EP entitled “33rd Degree” in April of 2011 , and their second EP tagged under the name “December” later that same year.

So, what would you say if someone asks you to listen to Sludge Metal, a doomy Atmospheric Post Metal with all its heavy gloominess and complexity? Would you taste the utter darkness these lads are bringing to us? A droning dismal and demise under the cloak of dusking site; indeed you shall sense the slightly pathetic, even self-destructive path and you'll carry on, stooped, listening to “Forget Me Not”. This whole manifesto of slow tempos, a drop-down beats is colliding against the common knowledge we all have against our mostly honored musical genre. No, this is not something you are used to listening to, nope, it's a whole different world, a depth of humans sub-thoughts, an abyss inside Homo sapiens's urge of expressing themselves. No, you're not reading a documentary made by Discovery TV, no, it's a simple album review.

This whole amount of dizziness, an unbalance caused by album under the namm “Forget Me Not”, is a journey of wondering and some also wanderings deeply rooted in your grey matter. Starting out with an unit named “The Silence We Display”; a heavy tuned atmosphere, with painfully brought vocals, almost like I'm listening to A-new-wave DSBM, screams now and then are creating an uninhabited spot, also known our life. A verse of clean, yet somber, and agonizing singing is adapting your very own self for further struggle you shall most surely battle with inward this deed. “Stories”, the 3rd song in a roster is a true entity for relaxing after a day hard choices and tough decisions. A sheer lullaby, the one specific song that makes you easily fall in late night sleep with all the burden of the day on your backs.

My definite number one - “A Million Questions”; an easy of almost instrumentally song (I say almost, because the intro part is basically 70% of the song), adding the lyrical part, at the very end made me think of places, beings, inner peace and lovely breeze of primal autumn's wind on my face; a slight linking with the previous one on the list, “the lullaby”. In and out, this whole task is not something I would suggest to wider audience, and no, I am not saying you're not wise enough, nor I am noting you are not smart enough to understand their path, I am just saving you from the combat you'll have with the concept of “Forget Me Not”. I, myself, had a pretty big time getting this far with it, and trying to bring you my site of their ideas, and approach; it's one distress read.

3 Star Rating

1. The Silence We Display
2. Mystic
3. Stories
4. A Million Questions
5. In Amity
6. Footsteps
7. Sleep
Brandon – Guitars, Vocals
McCllelan – Bass
Helms – Drums
Record Label: Agronauta Records


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