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Magic Brew - Travellers

Magic Brew
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 01 July 2020, 10:49 AM

DANISH Progressive Rock Quintet MAGIC BREW has all the right influences, ranging from LED ZEPPELIN, to RUSH and JUDAS PRIEST. Not much other information was able to be gathered from the band, and they also have fewer than 200 Facebook likes, so they are fairly obscure, at least to Americans like myself. “Travellers” contains eleven tracks.

“Gates of Heaven” leads off the album. It has an old school feeling to it, like 70’s Prog. The vocalist has plenty of vibrato in his voice. At the point of the guitar solo, things mellow a bit and there is plenty of atmosphere in the background. Then, the main sound returns again. “Traveller in Time” opens with a half-distorted riff and then the vocals some in. The melodies are just not there…it’s more like Classic Rock/Metal, with easy listening riffs and I am not picking up on too many Progressive elements. “You and Me” features old-school keys and it reminds me more of THE DOORS, but without the darker elements. The melodies are a bit brighter here, and the song is tender.

“Nothing Really Matters” opens with a distorted riff, that you have heard before. At this point in the album, I am really starting to wonder what the band is up to. The riffs are recycled, and a bit on the boring side. The singer has some pipes, but they really fail to get off the ground. “One Legged Biker” sounds like something that would come from RUSH’s debut album, before The Professor joined them. It’s melancholic, and a bit on the sad side. “The Fool” features another spent riff and some despondent tones in the vocals. If I didn’t know any better, they are trying to sound like a 70’s band…with the problem being we are not in the 70’s anymore. “Grey” features some harmonica in an otherwise forgettable sound.

“Remembering” is a shorter song with a little more feeling to it. This could be the “power ballad” on the album, but without that big power in the chorus. Instead of guitar, there is a thoughtful harmonica solo. “Just a Show” again features a trite riff and uninspired vocals. It is becoming increasingly difficult to champion much here. “Warriors Tale” has a bit of a darker sound to it, but again, without much punch. Progressive music should, at the very least, be exciting, but this album fails to excite. “The Story Ends” closes the album, at over seven minutes in length. It is a slow grind, with keys, bass and guitars telling a sad tale. It is really indicative of the entire album as a whole. There are some Progressive elements here, to my liking.

My biggest criticism is that they band sounds like you reached back to 1974 and just plucked them out of the scene. Even for that time frame, the really pale in comparison to their peers. I listen to a lot of Progressive music, and while there are some elements evident here, there are not enough to call it Progressive music in my opinion. Much of the album is, well, just boring for me, and many of the tracks don’t offer anything new in the genre. I am really at a loss for words here.

Songwriting: 4
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 2
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Gates of Heaven
2. Traveller in Time
3. You and Me
4. Nothing Really Matters
5. One Legged Biker
6. The Fool
7. Grey
8. Remembering
9. Just a Show
10. Warriors Tale
11. The Story Ends
Vier Lars Zøvn Østerberg - Drums
Rene Mollerup Sørensen – Bass
Peter Castella Mylove Nielsen – Song and Harp
Danny Mollerup Sørensen – Guitars
Jesper Lusty – Guitars & Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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