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Magic O Metal – Enter The Metal Realm

Magic O Metal
Enter The Metal Realm
by Quinten Serna at 04 February 2021, 4:03 PM

Of a substance all its own and a niche ill-defined by convention MAGIC O METAL is a condition all its own possessing influence from multiple different genres and takes but composed of an identity and philosophy wholly unique. The culminated craft of Sanders, Scott, and Menno make Enter The Magic Realm an album which resolves unto a full-on experience.

The 12 track LP begins with a full on introduction entitled, “Join The Show.” The song opens on the backing of a live band coupled with the staged introduction courtesy of an emcee who then foreshadows the musical meddling of “Alex,” “Lexie” and “IcePick.” The first of the tracks, “Alex,” is the 9th track upon the LP which narrates the store of one of the Metal Twins, the aptly named, Alex—the song in essence comes off as a throwback given credence by its major progression reminiscent of 80s Metal, galloping between the verses, and the way the lead follows into the verse in diminished volume yet never yields to the full force of the band, even as the vocals set in. Lexie—like its counterpart—narrates a hero’s archetype fitted to a cheerful progression in juxtaposition to more dismal and dour ones more oft associated with villainous antagonists; the guitars split into divisi following the introduction which is met in an odd and powerful pairing later in the song when the voice splits into homophonic progressions as well. “IcePick” is built on more of a Stadium Rock kind of basis even beginning with gang vocals meant in imitating the roaring chants of a crowd; the sudden change of vocals which as well serves to highlight the overall change in tone to that of something cheery and triumphant rather than dissident. The title track, “Magic O Metal,” begins with heavy bass performing the main progression as the burgeoning drum groove ushers in the rest of the band to join. The dismal and eerie verse progression contains vocals which perfectly accompany the bass progression which is then juxtaposed by a gritty baritone that itself is set in tandem with the guitars. The final song on the album, “The Battle,” is a motion set completely separate from that of its immediate predecessor, cutting through the jarring and jaded carried silence of “Heroes And Villains” with cheery and gleeful progressions—the verse sets itself upon a different path near as quick as the song begins relying on darker and shorter progressions paired with a grizzly and guttural voice, albeit with the guitars performing a riff similar in style to the opening movement. The closing movement is that of a stoic and solemn number, gathering its strength from depressing acoustic strings overlaid with a reverb laden solo.

The prevailing themes within the album are centralized around Metal and Triumph as a whole wherein each conceptualization is given tracks that focus and highlight each. The guitars within the album are heavily reliant on their placement as a Mid-range instrument giving them a Classic sound which is prevalent throughout the whole of the LP; the bass is powerful in sections and provides the groundwork necessary for the rest of the band to build atop of; the drums are forward, sharp, and constantly pound within your ear somehow distinct from the rest of the band yet neither jarring nor overpowering; and the varying vocals of different singers across the entirety of the album has been mixed to an absolute perfection, such that everyone comes off at the same volume and mix in reference to the instruments.

Magic O Metal is an odd approach to Metal as a whole, having its focus on more of a friendly and ambitious package, something that would find favor with non-traditional Metal Heads—daring and bold. Only time will tell if the trio accomplishes their goals, but their combined efforts are, in equal strides, noticeable and valiant.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Join The Show
2. Picu
3. Magic O Metal
4. Through The Portal
5. IcePick
6. The Metal Twins
7. Aim For The Moon
8. Lexie
9. Alex
10. Magic And Power
11. Heroes And Villains
12. The Battle
Sanders Gommans – Bass, Drums, Guitars, and Vocals
Scott Wenmakers – Vocals and Illustrations
Menno Kappe – Visuals and Management
Record Label: Independent


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