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Magica - Hereafter (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 14 October 2007, 5:53 PM

Magica' is a brilliant name for a Metal band - weird enough not countless acts do exist with such a moniker. It is strongly a 'metal' name, it definitely puts you in the European map plus it can easily guide you to the specific band's actual taste. In the 80s the x 'Magica' band would play classic Metal with lyrics 'bout dragons. In the 90s it'd be familiar to the likes of BLIND GUARDIAN while - in the 00s - the grand question would be whether this x band (bearing in mind it's a sextet with female vocals) resembles to NIGHTWISH or not…
Romania's MAGICA does have lots of NIGHTWISH stuff in its music, so there should be not much to argue about since everyone will accept or decline upon belief. The important thing is to discuss the dissimilarities of MAGICA in regards to the Finnish creators. So, this interesting (in general) sextet tries - and partially succeeds in - implementing some 'melodic' Power Metal parts in its music (a la STRATOVARIUS), with pomp keyboards, in-your-face solos and some passionate singing by Ana (who - by the way - has a great voice!). Secondly, on purpose or not, the production of the Hereafter album is more raw than expected for such songs; the drums do sound stiff and the whole production is kind unpolished. Who can recall NIGHTWISH's sound in their initial Angels Fall First steps back in 1997?
These two factors did make me eager enough for this album. Still, they'll probably keep away the vast majority of fans of this stream, used to enjoy nothing less than some perfect fat sound. Who can blame them, anyway? The point is that, even if the tunes off this album are honest enough for the Power-meets-Goth Metal likes, I can't predict how many people will aim with interest to MAGICA.
The band had already released two albums and a live video since their creation day (2002), prior to Hereafter's period. If this album was released seven years ago and backwards, success would be a piece of cake. But now, with this entire typhoon surrounding the 'gothic/symphonic' Power Metal genre, I don't know how easy this can be; even if the band's frank enough. Let's hope the deal with AFM Records will push things up…

3 Star Rating

All Waters Have The Colour Of Drowning
Turn To Stone
Through Wine
No Matter What
This Is Who I Am
The Weight Of The World
Energy For The Gods
Shallow Grave
I Remember
Into Silence
Ana Mladinovici - Vocals
Bogdan Bat Costea - Guitars
Emilian Burcea - Guitars
Vali IngerAlb Zechiu - Bass
Cristi Beavis Barla - Drums
6Fingers - Keyboards
Record Label: AFM Records


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