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Magick Touch - Heads Have Got to Rock 'N Roll Award winner

Magick Touch
Heads Have Got to Rock 'N Roll
by Dani Bandolier at 20 June 2020, 4:52 AM

Fjord-land power trio MAGICK TOUCH (2014) call the coastal shores of Bryggen(Bergen), Norway their firebase of Rock’n’Roll. They launched their first record in 2015 and now for 2020 have issued the fetchingly titled “Heads Have Got to Rock’n’Roll”. Check out the artwork, these guys mean business. At first listen, I didn’t catch that both HK Rein and Christer Ottesen share lead throat duties, splitting vocal leads between certain songs. A quick message with the lads and I am all buttoned up on who done wot.  For those that are counting, the lead vocals are split with Christer wailing on five songs and HK barking out the other five.

‘(This Isn't) Your First Rodeo’ comes outta the chute bucking hard with a MOTÖRHEAD guitar riff that stands the catechism of repetition and a layer of melody and spunked up grooves featuring Christer Ottesen on lead vox and a nifty progressive middle 12 measures before the final chorus and outro. ‘Watchman’s Requiem’ sung by HK Rein sounding a bit like Michael Sweet goes to chunka-chunka island then lodges squarely in the hair-metal tree of grooves, and I mean that in a good way – the songs are fully gelled pieces that serve up well-done roasted rock’n’roll guitar licks with sing along verses and and a sweet chorus.

‘To the Limit’ is a serviceable ditty of familiar rock again featuring main vocals by HK Rein … I can’t stop singing while I’m crying … ‘Love Is A Heart Disease’ song-checks a WASP song at the 3 minute mark … LO…VE… Righteous. This is one of my favourite songs on “Heads Have Got to Roll” by virtue of the solid 6 string chops display by HK Rein whose sparking guitar fireworks remind me of George Lynch – the cat is one badass axe slinger and a joy to listen to. He doesn’t over-play on the songs and shows melody and technique where it matters.

Boy you gotta hold me tight … I can almost guaranty you a bad reputation overnight… Lads, I see we been dating the same type of women …  ‘Bad Decisions’ is a well cuffed, squared away rock tune with some lovely dual THIN LIZZY inspired guitar lines – in fact the song could have been a THIN LIZZY song. Christer vocally summons his inner Phil Lynott while on the other tunes he reminds me a bit of early-era Don Dokken around the edges.

‘Waiting for the Parasites’ is a somewhat offbeat stomper, somewhere between KISS downer ‘Cold Gin’ and a bug-metal meandering over cootie mountain, with lead vocals by HK who affects a Gene Simmons horn-dog growl. By the way, I have met the amoebae; they delivered me a pain in the side and are no friend of mine, word … Uh huh … oh yea … alright … Christer Ottesen sings ‘Doomsday, I'm In Love’ and the lads sound positively cheery as they sing about the impending permanent cessation of all vital bodily activities. Special Mention to Bård Heavy Nordvik for being the lighthouse beat-master. He lets the lads run hard and deep while keeping them off the rocks in this Nordic storm of Rock music with his syncopated percussion signals.

MAGICK TOUCH ably walk the line between DOKKEN-DEF LEPPARD vocal and song arrangements and THIN LIZZY guitar parts … the good parts for sure. The lads got the formula down – hot and slick and just enough sweet that the girls can lick it up and the guys can stay for drinks as well. I previously looked at this music as the realm of Los Angeles Hard Rock Dandys playing up the fashion factor while delivering a few banger hits among mostly subpar songs. The lads over Europe way do it with their own style and exception and hæren fløtte meg! MAGICK TOUCH throw down 10 very good rock songs on “Heads Have Got to Rock’n’Roll”. Jolly good show lads ¡!

The Dani Bandolier Spotify playlist…nå må duhæren fløtte meg ta deg sammen!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. (This Isn't) Your First Rodeo
2. Watchman's Requiem
3. To The Limit
4. Love Is A Heart Disease
5. Ready For The Quake
6. Bad Decisions
7. Phantom Friend
8. Waiting For The Parasites
9. Daggers Dance
10. Doomsday, I'm In Love
Bård Heavy Nordvik - Drums, Vocals
HK Rein - Guitar, Vocals
Christer Ottesen - Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Edged Circle Productions


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