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Magister Templi - Into Duat

Magister Templi
Into Duat
by Johnny Jackal at 12 November 2015, 5:32 PM

I listened to this album on my way back home from a very long day at work. It was interesting at first, musically it was really good and had some 70’s buzz and early Stoner stuff from like BLUE CHEER and early BLACK SABBATH. It was groovy but then the vocals set it. By god, are they awful, the voice of the singer sounds like a really really bad version of ICS Vortex from BORKNAGAR. I enjoy BORKNAGAR that’s the thing but Vortex sounds right for what BORKNAGAR does music wise.

They have a particular sound and it’s an interesting mix but MAGISTER TEMPLI, well the voice does not fit at all with the style of music they play. The guy tries too damn hard to push his voice, almost opera like and lamenting. It would have sounded better with some Black Metal or anything experimental. At times, I wanted just to stop listening to the album and just plain abandon all hope! I still have my integrity and I listened to the whole album.

Musically it is very standard Stoner Metal, Sludge with a touch of Folk-Post Metal like ANCIENT VVISDOM. I particularly enjoyed the music but it takes a backseat unfortunately to a really bad singer that does not fit with Stoner at all. I was highly disappointed but some people might dig it but I definitely didn’t.

1 Star Rating

1. Creation
2. The Lord Of The Morning
3. Osiris
4. Horus The Avenger
5. Anubis
6. Sobek
7. Slaying Apophis
8. Destruction
Patriark – Guitar
Baphomet – Guitar
Grimmdun – Drums
Akoman – Bass
Abraxas D’Ruckus – Vocals
Record Label: Cruz Del Sur Music


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