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Magnolia – Steg För Steg

Steg För Steg
by Maria Voutiriadou at 05 July 2010, 10:07 AM

“Back to the 70s”! That’s exactly the line that comes in my mind when I’m thinking about MAGNOLIA’s sound and the general Swedish movement that they support with their previous works since 1994; note also that their name is coming from an old BLUE CHEERsong, "Magnolia Caboze Babyfinger". “Steg För Steg” is their third studio album, recorded on analogue equipment (like the previous two ones) for carrying the right feeling and the characteristic MAGNOLIA late 60s/ early 70s’ sound. If your cup of tea consists of bands like their comrades ABRAMIS BRAMA, MOUNTAIN, NOVEMBER and CREAM, you must check also this one, unless you have an issue with the Swedish lyrics. Nevertheless, MAGNOLIA might be called one from the generators of the ‘old-fashioned’ rock sound that Sweden originated, for more than a decade and the holy fathers of so many bands like RADIO MOSCOW and GRAVEYARD; the gates to some alternate dimension via MAGNOLIA’s time machine are just opened.

Ronny Eriksson, Anders Hedström and Mark Tholin carry MAGNOLIA’s specific scent since the beginning of the band and in “Steg För Steg”, they seem more creative than ever; with songs like “Alla Undrar”, “Tid Att Fara” and “Ingen Kommer Undan”, they manage to draw our attention with their solid and massive tunes, combining successfully the retro sound with their fresh creativeness just like they always do. Notice the ‘wah-wah’ guitar intro of “Tid Att Fara” and its bluesy character, the great jamming mood of “Nu Får Det Vara Nog”, or the oneiric atmosphere of “En Tanke”, reminding so much the era of the innocence and the hippies of the 70s; that’s an awesome track! Besides that though, “Jag Vandrar” has a slow psych-y blues attitude and some scattering great guitar solos, while “Vad Skall Jag Göra?” jams for the last time in the end of the CD, putting the appropriate epilogue and our heads underneath its dominate riff, or a magnolia leaf, if you prefer.

“Steg För Steg” is a great album with such good moments between its 40 minutes and also, the ideal companion for you who want some cool record with jamming mood and fuzzy groove sound, especially for the middle of the summer and holidays. Ignore the band’s native lyrics if you aren’t into it and the fun is guaranteed. Viva Sverige!

4 Star Rating

  1. Alla Undrar
  2. Tid Att Fara
  3. En Ny Dag
  4. Nu Får Det Vara Nog
  5. Arbetar I Solsken
  6. Ingen Kommer Undan
  7. En Tanke
  8. Mantra
  9. Jag Vandrar
  10. Vad Skall Jag Göra?
Ronny Eriksson - Vocals, Bass and Guitar
Anders Hedström - Drums
Mark Tholin - Guitar, Keyboards
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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