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Majalis - Cathodic Black

Cathodic Black
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 22 August 2013, 4:13 PM

Into the gloom, far deep into the lungs of the obsidian abyss, negative energies affects reality, turning it from within into a guise of nothingness. Flesh will have no meaning as the thin crust won’t survive to protect it and none will the choir chants to the sky above undermine the vision of the end. The black surly is the essence of death and not the essence for life, even with the spin of the wheels of time. The place of sitting, the special gathering, the MAJALIS (from Arabic), also serves as the name of a group of Swedish veteran musicians, spreading the librettos of ambiguity, which loomed somewhat like a year ago, featuring members of IN MOURNING and an ex-member of the Doom presence of OCTOBER TIDE. Basing their music on an altered version of extreme Doom Metal in the vein early PARADISE LOST and the weeping melodious MY DYING BRIDE and SWALLOW THE SUN and their own bands, the MAJALIS members seemed to have found themselves championing the merits of both Indie Rock and Metal alternatives, possibly the best illustrations that I could come up with is A PERFECT CIRCLE or KLIMT 1918. As a first presentation of the band and its material, “Cathodic Black”, via Pulverised Records was introduced.

Normally three songs is barely a hint of what an artist is capable of. Nonetheless, with cases like this here EP, consisting of three lengthy tracks aimed to become a better showcase, I believe it sufficed. Through the depths of the tracks, I found harmony; enchanting sounds that made me sit back and concentrate of the atmosphere building around me. Such a peaceful sensation, as if to lose myself far into the vast corners of the universe, though when the distortion began chugging, the music subdued to the will sorrowful integration of heavier riffing and low end growls, which were rather distinguishable. On several occasions the music seemed droning, repetitive and fairly with a lack of passion, yet gladly these lacklustre impressions didn’t spread throughout the course of the songs. “Rusting Sun” was awarded with a simple, though addictive, BLACK SABBATH oriented main riff, seething with mournful vocals on top the touch of blissful melodies. Due to its length, the track also shared heavenly aspects and sections that proved the creativity behind them, yet it is like a circle and it will always reach back to the agonizing black. “Altar” is like a journey through the dark crypts or a discovered catacomb. Far more into Metal than its previous and deeper into Sludge, it seemed rather drone than the former song. “Tooth and Bone” might have introduced another well written main riff and delicate harmonies, which will accompany most of the track’s length; however its main emblem is the keyboards work. Though appearing as only an echo in the wind, the keyboards made the immaculate impact that served this song so well while contributing to the oblivious drama transpiring right before you.

“Cathodic Black” is a thing of blackened beauty, a disconsolate interval through a possible way of life. Inspiring with harmonic music, drenching in the extreme Metal mud with a sharp gaze into alternative routes, MAJALIS slowly burns in the night, reshaping the human emotions, revealing dramatic themes of agony and inner discomfort. It is right that in a way it can be a boring experience, but I suggest to look into it as the aura of it all might change everything.

3 Star Rating

1. Rusting Sun
2. Altar
3. Tooth and Bone
Tobias Netzell – Guitar / Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Björn Pettersson - Guitar / Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Daniel Jansson – Vocals / Bass
Jonas Martinsson - Drums
Record Label: Pulverised Records


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