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Majestic Ryte - Majestic Ryte

Majestic Ryte
Majestic Ryte
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 05 May 2018, 7:31 AM

When we have to deal with bands that call themselves Old School Metal bands or something like that, the first thought we all have is simple: “let’s see if these guys can make something different”. It’s obvious that the number of deceptions is great, because recycling musical clichés is a disgusting thing to do. Even when we deal with old bands, we must have in mind if their work really deserves to be unburied and heard. Sorry, but North American MAJESTIC RYTE’s EP, which bears the band’s name, is a loss of time.

Originally released in 1988, on those days this form of music (the North American Power Metal format based on JUDAS PRIEST that names as OMEN, RUTHLESS and many others used to play) was already dead, with band looking for something fresher. These songs are not bad, but aren’t different from many bands we heard in those days. So they aren’t bad, but aren’t good enough for a new release. It’s common, like many other names of those days.

The sound quality is what you can expect from an independent band from the 80’s: moldy and nasty. Ok, I understand that things were pretty nasty to record and release anything on those days, but the level here is far from what could be on 1988. To be honest, if this EP were a bit older than it is, we could deal in a better vision, but it’s not. You can understand what the band is playing, but the whole sound quality is far from the ideal, or what would fit in their musical work.

“Dark Stalker”, “Survivor”, “Eternal Paradise”, “Promise of Power” and “A Breed Apart” aren’t bad songs, but are extremely common to times when SANCTUARY, AGENT STEEL, ABATTOIR, MALICE, OMEN and many classic names of North American scene were struggling on underground scene to be heard by the fans. And they aren’t as good as them, so, what made this label release this EP once more?

Sorry, but it’s a total loss, and if the band is back from the dead, I have to say a thing: grow up and evolve in a better shape, because on this one, you have great problems to deal with.

Originality: 3
Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 4
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Dark Stalker
2. Survivor
3. Eternal Paradise
4. Promise of Power
5. A Breed Apart
Record Label: Cult Metal Classics


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