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Majestic Downfall - Temple Of Guilt (CD)

Majestic Downfall
Temple Of Guilt
by Harry Papadopoulos at 03 June 2009, 12:41 PM

Doom Metal from Mexico. It sounds like … Greek Sumo wrestler (no offense there). It sounds funny, doesn't it? That's what I thought when I saw MAJESTIC DOWNFALL's origin. But as the Chinese are saying, never judge a book by it's cover. And how right are they!
Don't be misled by the names in the lineup. MAJESTIC DOWNFALL is a one-man band. Jacobo (ANTQUA, TICKET TO HELL and PROJECT FIRESTART, not that I know those bands/projects but internet always helps) is behind this project and three friends of his helped him to record this debut album. Everything started in 2006 when the main man behind this project decided to explore new fields and experiment with the European Doom Metal sound. A year later, he released a three-track album called The First Abyss. This CD was also released as a split album with the Italian band ANSIA. Two years later it was time for Jacobo to release his first full length album under the name MAJESTIC DOWNFALL.
Temple of Guilt is a classic Doom Metal album. The atmosphere of this release brings in mind bands like MY DYING BRIDE (early), SHALLOW THE SUN and SATURNUS. It manages to grab you with its dark essence. The melancholy and the despair in this album makes the listener to believe that Jacobo is from a cold winter country and shows how well he has studied the European scene. Another good thing is that, despite this is a one-man project, he didn't dither to call some friends to help him with his work. The vocals have a big range from desperate cries and death Metal growls to clean ones and they fit nicely to the whole atmosphere. The songs' time durations varies from nine minutes 'till sixteen, and helps MAJESTIC DOWNFALL to spread their ideas, despite that in some parts they repeat themselves. That's not always a bad thing about this genre but in this album it sounds sometimes boring; probably because it reminds something that you might have heard in the past, but the overall music is above average.
As a conclusion I can say Temple of Guilt is a nice debut album and shows that Jacodo has the potentials to do something good. I really liked that he paid tribute to the European Doom Metal scene and I believe that if he manages to filter his influences he'll do even better.
Ps. A video for the first track is being shot as these lines are being written.

3 Star Rating

Temple of Guilt
Swallow: Pride
Bleeding Sun
Jacobo - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Arrangements, Composition
Parncho - Drums
Pastas - Keyboards
Muigel - Guitar solos
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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