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Majesty - Back To Attack

Back To Attack
by MetalWim at 22 May 2023, 2:33 PM

Somehow I feel that if you are able to release your tenth studio album in 20 years of existence, it is something to celebrate. MAJESTY, the German band hailing from Lauda, Baden-Württemberg, has other ideas, though. The reason for their different way of thinking is the fact that it was accepted as a fact that they had split up. Well, they did take a year’s break in 2019, but they have they have returned for revenge. Hence the title of their latest adventure, “Back To Attack”. In short, this is true metal German style.

And I have to admit that they are making their statements quite clear in their lyrics, standing tall, ready for a fight against anybody and anything that had discarded them as over and done. Not only that, it accompanies the battle field music down to a T. This is majestically sounding music that will invite you ball and raise your fists. If you have one, you also might want to unsheathe your sword (or light sabre, whatever rocks your boat) and point it upwards with gusto. I do have to warn you; if are doing this inside, look out for low ceilings, fans and lights. You might get caught, and then you’d look a right nonce.

As for the quality of the music on “Back To Attack”, MAJESTY is German down to the bone, but if you wish you can also hear some MANOWAR in there as well. It is all very pleasant, but most of all very positive and uplifting, even if the lyrical content is a lot feistier. It sometimes gets too childish for my taste, as in “Freedom Child”, but as long that is not repeated constantly, it’s okay. The fact that these guys have been going for some twenty years becomes quite obvious in the way they handle their instruments. They know what they’re doing, but in also have the feeling they really are aware of their boundaries.

What makes listening to “Back To Attack” even better, is the fact that MAJESTY have acquired a very sound. The production is phenomenal. And although they are “Back To Attack” with this album. MAJESTY has put out a bulletin on their own site that the release date of the album is also the same as the one that will end the story of MAJESTY. They have called it quits. Well, at least they can say that they have gone out with their heads held high, the one fist up as devil’s horns, whilst the other one is wielding a very impressive sword.  A very majestic ending to two decades of true metal. HAIL!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. The Oath Of Truth 1:10
2. Back To Attack 3:29
3. Demon War 3:06
4. Glorious Warriors 3:39
5. Never Kneel 4:32
6. Freedom Child 4:44
7. Age Of Glory 4:07
8. Saviors In The Dark 4:03
9. A Hero's Storm 4:39
10. In The Silence 5:25
11. Our Time Has Come 4:39
12. Heralds Of The Storm 4:22
Tarek Maghary - vocals
Robin Hadamovsky - guitars
Emanuel Knorr - guitars
Jan Raddatz - drums
Record Label: Reaper Entertainment


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