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Majesty - Banners High

Banners High
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 18 November 2013, 4:36 PM

What was the rush? Why being hasty? It is easy, Metal can never rest, never wait for anyone, it has to keep on bursting, loudly and proudly. Therefore, why not satisfy the constant hunger of true Metalheads from the sounds of victory? Yeah this is something that might take you back to the Metal warriors of MANOWAR, yet these guys, for a peculiar reason, stopped treating their music right while endorsing mediocre efforts. But no, I didn’t mean to talk about MANOWAR, but their disciples, protecting the legacy of steel and ironbound true Metal, MAJESTY, probably the closest thing that MANOWAR has for a European version of their image, sound and music. Just in January, this year, MAJESTY released its comeback album “Thunder Rider”, which turned out, at least on my bill, as a payload of cliché’s and yet another MANOWAR mimic. Nonetheless, even if not deserting the American giant’s antics and straight up musical approach, the Germans hurriedly assembled their minds and Metal approbation to author an epic story, a tale forged in steel, about the relentless conflict of beleaguered folks for their own freedom, the hardships, sacrifice, unity and in the end the triumph. “Banners High”, released via NoiseArt Records, also signified that MAJESTY’s music can also be inspiring other than treading as a clone.

Getting passed the intro “Judgment Of The Gods”, I had a distinct feeling that this album will have a different effect rather than the earlier “Thunder Rider”, and I am pleased that it did. In overall, MAJESTY created a platform of ten Metal anthems in various of speeds, rather catchy tunes that can easily become a sing along and of course the best part is that even if connected to the same storyline, these could have been detached as independent tunes. On the other hand, one just can’t escape the banality of several of them, not until it hurts, yet for how many times really? For one thing, and I acknowledge the band for it, they are determined and stick hard by their lyrics and honesty, consequently it softness the blow of the songs’ over predictability.  Musically, MAJESTY are still the mercy of the MANOWARish manic awareness, however, I also had the chance to experience well written notes and segments that clearly showed of a classic JUDAS PRIEST and speedy MOTORHEAD appreciations as well, so not all is lost. Furthermore, it appears that the riffing in general is a bit beyond the band’s common knowledge displayed on their past ventures, heavy riffs mashed with several melodic signatures that enacted really nice along with MANOWARish type soloing undertakings that truly impressed. Didn’t anticipate anything artistic, nonetheless it is not this band’s field, and believe me that their offerings were composed and played out with glory. Thinking about it, this album certainly didn’t feel like a conceptual affair at all, nevertheless it still rocked.

“The Day When the Battle Is Won” and “Bloodshed and Steel” were the scorching battle infested roughers, blazing eyes of fire bursting out with vengeance. The former is a mid tempo to fast tempo blazon stone, such a fine MOTORHEADish old schooler, proving the band’s simplicity, yet also its greatness on creating a hit. The latter, is yet another blazing Speed / Heavy Metal effort, entranced by MOTORHEAD with a fine MANOWAR flash, an energetic steel crusher that relishes a wrathful memorable chorus in a MANOWARish fashion, yet with a sort of proto Power Metal stamina. “Take Me Home” and “On a Mountain High” can be regarded as the album’s affecting fervent anthems. Though being a fan of heaviness, I couldn’t stand before these two numbers without being mesmerized. Such elegance, finding the right lyrics (even if also a bit reoccurring), profound vocal performance that shares choir showcase, spectacular soloing and an ever flowing aura of power that doesn’t have to be energetic to be overwhelming. MANOWAR type tunes, yet I believe that MAJESTY were able to escalate their boundaries to bring down the Americans to their knees, at least with these two. The remaining songs found themselves in a rather nice direction, yet no doubt that MAJESTY’s definitive improvement on this album planted a seed for a hope for the next album to be triumphant. Long live those who battle for their freedom.

3 Star Rating

1. Judgment Of The Gods
2. We Want His Head
3. Banners High
4. Time For Revolution
5. United by Freedom
6. Pray for Thunder
7. Bloodshed and Steel
8. All We Want, All We Need
9. Take Me Home
10. On a Mountain High
11. The Day When the Battle Is Won
Tarek "Metal Son" Maghary – Vocals
Tristan Visser – Guitars
Robin Hadamovsky – Guitars
Carsten Kettering – Bass
Jan Raddatz - Drums
Record Label: NoiseArt Records


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