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Majesty - Generation Steel

Generation Steel
by Mike Coyle at 05 April 2015, 3:37 PM

So we today we have a band that takes a page out of the golden book of MANOWAR, when saying this we of course think of leather wearing heroes with grand and powerful titles that send shivers down our spines and prepare us for battle before the grand storm of hellfire, that sort of thing, but even still with this new release MAJESTY carve their names unto the stones of time with their latest release "Generation Steel".

So lets start off with the records title track "Generation Steel". With this song in general I can say from the start there really isnt anything pulling me in which actually intrigues me, it is a bit of a plain opening which for me doesn't say much as in the past whenever I have listened to a title track there has always been a build up to it which shows that it represents the album as a whole. However, this just doesnt really give me anything to work with, I give the band credit on working hard on this but I really cannot say much for it besides that it is really repetitive and it does at times get boring for me which for a band like MAJESTY you would expect something a bit more epic from a title like generation steel, but no what I got was something that continued to drag on.

The next track I decided to review is a track I keep hearing about since the record was released, this of course is the records sixth track "Children Of The Dark". Compared to the last track the opening is decent and shows promise for the track, even the riff which opens it fully shows that there is a strong hope for this song and may actually save the entire record for me, but sadly I feel that there really isn't anything more I can say about this track, the opening made it look good but sadly like the previous track it is repetitive and dry and leaves me wondering to be very honest.

To conclude. This may be the first record I have reviewed that has left me bored and disappointed. I'm sure the band tried their best when making this record I truly am sure they did, but this leaves me without much to say and I am sorry if it may sound cruel but I really tried to like this record.

1 Star Rating

1.Hawks Will Fly
2. Generation Steel
3. Circle Of Rage
4. Shout At The World
5. Damnation Hero
6. Children Of The Dark
7. The Last Reward
8. Knights Of The Empire
9. Rulers Of The World
10. War For Metal
Tarek "MS" Maghary - Vocals
Tristan Visser - Guitars
Robin Hadamovsky - Guitars
Alex Voß - Bass
Jan Raddatz – Drums
Record Label: Noiseart Records


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