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Majesty - Rebels

by Craig Rider at 17 July 2017, 10:37 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you: MAJESTY; signed via NoiseArt Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Heavy/Power Metal, on their 8th Studio Album entitled: “Rebels” (the Limited Edition version) (released on March 3rd, 2017).

Since formation in 1997; then as METALFORCE from 2008-2011, signed via Magic Circle Music - returning as MAJESTY in 2011, the quintet in question have 7 albums behind them; I'm offered to review their 8th deliverance entitled “Rebels”. Considered MANOWAR-lite; I have had briefly good times with classics such as “Metal Law”, “Freedom Warriors” to name a couple - as well as having the pleasure to witness them live at Magic Circle Festival 2009, this is a quartet who are synonymous with the Heavy/Power Metal sub-genres. With this new album; there are pros as well as cons, however. 11 tracks ranging at around 53:36, the quartet provide a solid slice of Heavy Metal equalities as well as cheesy Power Metal intricacies - who doesn't love cheese though, right? Well, “The Path To Freedom” opens the record up, a nice instrumental epic until the incredibly cheesy “Die Like Kings” ensues…

Die Like Kings” is the single of the record; it's an epic yet vibrant track that has the typical MANOWAR influence to it, featuring an abundant amount of “ohs” in the chorus sections…erratic musicianship that's flamboyantly enlightening, even if there is some cringe factor in the songwriting. It's good to have things full of complexity, as Tarek on keyboards & vocals showcases  a distinct flair of diverse varieties in which makes the sound production bearable at least.

“Rebels Of Our Time” is another extraordinarily catchy track that can come across as edgy, yet it shows some enjoyability value that will have you singing along to and pounding at the same time - if you can dismiss the seriousness of Metal, and just appreciate the musical directions…more power to you. The dexterous duo including Emanuel Knorr on lead & rhythm guitars, and Robin Hadamovsky showcases more straightforward instrumentation that's very basic yet does have an efficient amount of chugging - melodic harmonies. “Yolo HM” the acronym being “you only live once” has a more modernistic hipster intention to it which doesn't really suit a band like MAJESTY, showing the songwriting can come across as childlike in essence. If you can get past blandness on the creativity however, it's actually a really captivating track. Of course this is no offence to the band, it's just a valid opinion that should be voiced.

Alex Voß on bass and Jan Raddatz contribute to the powerhouse very well, where on “The Final War” the acquisition showcases an organic aesthetic that bides well with the aforementioned substances - as well as balancing a nice formula of memorable and delightful originalities that flourishes with a succulent formulaic. “Across The Lightning” is a superbly crafted ballad, with nice keyboardist elements, as is the epic “Fireheart” - constructing more illuminate adroitness.

Iron Hill” provides more quintessential chorus' that contrasts with consistency to the sub-genres in place, more hymnal choruses and a manifestation of backing choirs inherent this one. All is still satisfying with coherencies in which stem with dominance, still astonishingly far-fetched though…the galloping ferocity helps keep things afloat, otherwise. “Heroes In The Night” is another of the band's illustrious keyboardist implementations which has an unforgettable harmony built it, one of the disc's gems but still generically simplistic. Not to say that's a bad thing, as I enjoyed this one - although some might consider it to be a been there, done that kinda thing, so initially precedence. “Running For Salvation” continues to structure a familiar characteristic, still flourishing with more adapt prominence - one of the records heavy-hitters for sure, until the final conclusion comes in…

…and that is the track “Fighting Till The End”, where there is a lot of unpredictable f-bombs in this one…showcasing teenage angst lyricism such as “go away, and fuck yourself” which again, doesn't suit MAJESTY in terms of professionalism - hearing this along with the typical and dull “fighting for metal” that us MANOWAR fans have come to adore over the years, only with “Rebels”  it doesn't feel…relevantly necessary.

There is a lot of proficiency in the band's progressiveness that excels with salubrious results, though I wouldn't consider MAJESTY to be the next MANOWAR. The big differentiate is that MANOWAR are more barbaric and savage, while MAJESTY seem to be influencing that perspective - which is admirable, but passable if that is all they are going for. Overall, a hit and miss but worth checking out at least once.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Sound Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Path To Freedom
2. Die Like Kings
3. Rebels Of Our Time
4. Yolo HM
5. The Final War
6. Across The Lightning
7. Fireheart
8. Iron Hill
9. Heroes In The Night
10. Running For Salvation
11. Fighting Till The End
Tarek "MS" Maghary - Vocals
Emanuel Knorr - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Robin Hadamovsky - Guitars
Alex Voß - Bass
Jan Raddatz - Drums
Record Label: NoiseArt Records


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