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MajorVoice – Morgenrot

by Rachel Montgomery at 23 February 2021, 11:50 PM

The aptly named MAJORVOICE is a symphonic metal delight with a unique vocalist at the helm. Featuring uplifting symphonic tracks espousing the power of love, Morgenrot is feel-good power metal album is great if you want your spirits lifted, or if you just want to imagine you’re riding on your noble steed through a field, hair flying behind you. In fact, for the vocalist, writing about love and inspiring topics is part of the point.

The lead vocalist is a bass/baritone. That’s a unique change from the typical tenors & sopranos fronting symphonic metal bands. The violin solo adds a lovely element of folk metal to the opening track. Indeed, “Waves of Love” begins with symphonic and folk elements, featuring a high-pitched violin. The clear, crisp baritone lets the lyrics about trusting love can shine through thanks to the lack of instrumentation and the enunciation and operatic voice.

The second track is a German-language song called “Ruf Mich” (“Call Me”). It has more of a bite to it in the verses with thumping drums and sparse but piercing guitars. but the soaring chorus makes it, as does the featured vocalist in the second verse. The singers have great harmony in the second chorus and when they’re vocalizing in the instrumental break.

Shoutout to “Sun Bed In The Rain” for having an uplifting violin intro. It’s also a great track to showcase the vocals – clear and enunciated. I absolutely love how the violins come in cheery and bright while church bells are ringing in the background. Then, the juxtaposing lyrics come in, introducing the concept. It’s danceable, it sounds uplifting although the lyrics are a little sad, so it’s the song I gravitated toward the most. Of all their songs, this is the best one for a headline song at a concert or an encore piece.

While the faster songs are great, power metal epicness, the slow songs can get mired in sappiness. The band’s first slow song is a violin-filled German track, “Die Ganze Zeit” (“The Whole Time”). It picks up power in the chorus, which sounds like heaven opening up with the power and orchestra behind it. The next song, their English-language “Live This Day Forever” is where it gets sappy. First, the song goes out to people who believe in love. Then the chorus croons about how he wishes this day would live forever. The sap is summed up perfectly, however, in the closing track “I Believe”, espousing beliefs in love, kindness, empathy, etc. It’s a nice sounding song but laid on thick with the cheese.

If you love extra ham and cheese with your power metal, then eat up because this is the band for you! Some of the songs are a little much for my taste, particularly the slow ones, but overall, it’s a unique symphonic metal band. And I absolutely love the first few tracks. However, it’s distinguishable from the crowd thanks to the powerful baritone singer. Even if this isn’t your cup of tea as far as power metal is concerned, it’s worth checking out his voice.

Songwriting: 7
Production: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Waves Of Love
2. Ruf Mich
3. Sunbed In The Rain
4. Leah
5. Die Ganze Zeit
6. Live This Day Forever
7. Kein Meer zu Tief
8. Wenn Du Gehst
9. I’ll Remember You
10. Lullaby of Pain
11. When You Love Someone
12. I Believe
MajorVoice – Vocals
Record Label: NoCut


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