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Malamorte – Mass Cult Suicide

Mass Cult Suicide
by Quinten Serna at 06 May 2021, 1:35 AM

The fever dream of a madman is a difficult concept both in attempts of explanation and in acceptance of such animosities; where others would skip over the demented aspects of our species’ histories some, such as MALAMORTE, hold us to the flames and force unto us a perception we never asked for. Mass Cult Suicide bears witness in vicarious detail of Jim Jones and his endeavors which led to the title track’s namesake.

Commencing the album is a track focused on the man behind the mass, “The New Messiah,” starts with church knells and a chamber chorus before an eerie and eldritch organ shifts tone immediately; the combination of string and synth complement one another in such striking tone only to be enriched by the snare shifting in and out of marching beat crafting the notion of being marched towards carnal damnation. “Reverend” starts a bit different than its predecessors as it possesses a more immediate motion before flipping its soundscape and slowing greatly for a clean verse. The next song, “Slaves Of God,” has a more Classic Metal kind of drive to it focused on more energetic riffs with building percussion the combination of which crescendos unto its apex during the chorus. The penultimate song and title track, “Mass Cult Suicide,” brings focus to the shifts in dynamics between speed and intensity as the song grows in both during the course of its verse-chorus progression, choosing then to end in church bells whose menacing tones sound out as knells.

The album as a whole has an exceedingly tight sound to it in that each instrument is kept in line with one another in expert performance. The drums are programmed but written in such a fashion that they instill a sense of growth in each track as they become more complex in every song’s individual progression. The bass has a great tone to it being driven with an emphasis and force exuded on every note however tone-wise it rests a bit too close to the guitars nearly fading into it in some instances. The guitars are a visceral substance having their tones focused in more of a lower-middle aspect gives them depth and range when the leads come in. The vocals are perhaps the most powerful aspect of the whole album possessing the greatest range, dynamics, and intensities.

Mass Cult Suicide is a testament to a madman made evident in every track of the album and offers some solid songs which pursue the darker nature of obedience and blind faith; overall the album is a great mix comprised of solid writing and performance shared between two individuals.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The New Messiah
2. Apocalyptic Visions
3. Reverend
4. Slaves Of God
5. They Are Watching Us
6. The Temple
7. Mass Cult Suicide
8. Witch
SK – Bass, Guitars, and Programming
L.V. – Vocals, Guitars, and Keyboards
Record Label: Moribund Records


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