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Malediction - Esclave Du Vice (CD)

Esclave Du Vice
by Grigoris Chronis at 22 May 2006, 12:23 PM

Ok, the English language may be the native language of Rock/Metal music. No doubt, understanding what a song's lyrics are about is a good thing in order to 'bond' with the music. 100% true, non-English speaking bands have to overcome a big obstacle in order to promote their work (interviews, promo tools, mail correspondence). All of the above facts are surely realistic. On the other hand, after you have listened to Maledicition's Esclave Du Vice album, come and tell me it wouldn't kick ass even if created by natives of the Easter Islands…
France should not be proud enough for the amount of bands contributing to the global Heavy Metal scene. Still, many of these bands - especially the ones focusing on the classic Heavy/Power Metal sound - surely kick major Metal ass, even if you can't understand a single word if you don't speak French fluently. For the ones in love with the 80's Metal era, still memorable is the music of French legends Sortilege and Nightmare (the later still carry on, presenting no less than quality Metal music!) while names like Trust or Satan Jokers may bring on some more smiling. Anyway, Maledicition is one of these French bands that can definitely stand tall in the highest ranking of French Metal music.
Esclave Du Vice is the band's second full length, with Condamnes being the debut effort back in 2001. For the minority of those who are aware of the Malediction's music, you should just be aware that the new album is miles better than the really good debut and - hence - grab it as soon as possible! For the unaware: Malediction chooses to play pure Heavy Metal music, in a unique approach due to the vocals. Sylvain Mollard's voice is excellent, crystal clear and with great diversity, while the guitar work is brilliant! Great Metal hooks, neck-breaking riffs paying homage to the glorious Priest/Maiden/Queensryche/Loudness/Megadeth legacy and a steel rhythm section with sufficient fluency!
It was of instant notice, the fact that Malediciton do not flirt with Epic or Symphonic or EuroPower or whatever Metal style. They stick/aim to the classic Metal sound as if the style of e.g. Rhapsody, Edguy or Stratovarious never existed! Tunes like Justice Assassine, Conspirations, Martyr or the title track are anthems of equal value, while the whole album can be certified as a golden piece of European Heavy Metal music.
To cut a long story short: since Malediciton are heading - as I've heard - for their third release this summer, grab Esclave Du Vice fast as hell and let yourself travel back to the glorious days of ample Metal music (no sub-genres back then). Malediciton should be signed to a major Metal label in order to unveil their 100% genuine talent to a wider audience. Hope to see this dream come true soon!

4 Star Rating

Dans Ma Memoire
Justice Assassine
Esclave Du Vice
Vers l'Enfer
Au Royaume d'Hades
Sylvain Mollard - Guitar & Vocals
Mathieu Poulain - Guitar
Olivier Messaoui - Bass
Frank Lege - Drums
Record Label: Nothing To Say


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