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Malefice - Dawn Of Reprisal (CD)

Dawn Of Reprisal
by Josh West at 24 March 2009, 5:04 PM

MALEFICE are the latest in an array of Heavy Metal bands that have emerged out of Britain with not only the strength to push past the competition around them but also challenge Europe and the USA's big hitters. The building blocks were by laid by MALEFICE in 2007 with the album Entities, which the highly prestigious Metal Blade Records quickly took notice of and signed the 5 piece onto the label - After a string of successful shows throughout last year, including a opening slot at Download festival, all eyes are on to MALEFICE to see if they can live up to their new reputation.

In most respects they have succeeded. MALEFICE's particular brand of Metal has a decent mix of mid-tempo heavy as hell riffs with Thrash breakdowns thrown in for good measure. Vocals take the popular Death Metal/growling vocals to top everything off. Every song has a significant metalcore vibe but not the dirty 90's metalcore that has become so taboo, this is something different. MALEFICE are showing that maybe they are ready to lead a new wave of bands into the world. The problem with metalcore is that every band stopped trying and instead decided to just live off of recycled machine head riffs, which worked for a while, but finally people are sick of it and they want something new.

Gone are boring, samey riffs and forced growling vocals, instead welcome in the same guitar tone you have been familiar with for a few years but try to consider this: riffs that kick you in your balls and make you want to stomp around outside, some solos that seriously shred and vocals that doesn't sound forced but really add something to the overall atmosphere of the album. This is what MALEFICE bring to the table.

That's not to say it doesn't have its moments where it lets itself down. At times the album feels like it wants to just let its hair down a little further and speed up, but never quite makes it. The last song on the album, Sickened, has a neck-snapping middle section and I think that if they had put these faster sections into other songs it really would have increased the intensity of the whole product. Another gripe would be that the song structure is quite familiar now, and any long serving Metal fan will be at home with how the songs are going to play out (not a huge problem mind…but it's time a band mixed stuff up a little bit!)

Overall this really good album features everything you could want from this kind of release. Heavy guitars, intense vocals and pounding drums…what more do you want? This is a UK band that you will want to keep your eyes on. As the Metalcore scene evolves past the state it's in (the recycled 90's machine head era) and merges into the new Thrash scene, new bands need to grab it by the horns and help it evolve.

Oh and on a side the note, the artwork for the album is badass - In fact if you needed any other reason to go out and buy this album let this be it, the artwork is awesome!

MALEFICE are winners in my book with this release by putting some good song/lyric writing together with some proper thrashing riffs! You want to be picking this up if you are in the mood for banging your head.

4 Star Rating

The Midas Effect
Abandon Hope
An Architect Of Your Demise
End Of Days
Human Portrait
As I Bleed
When Embers Ignite
Hatred Justified
Dale Butler - Vocals
Ben Symons - Guitar
Alex Vuskans - Guitar
Tom Hynes - Bass
Craig Thomas - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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