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Malevolence – The Other Side Award winner

The Other Side
by James Brizuela at 30 June 2020, 5:15 AM

MALEVOLENCE is a groove metal and metalcore band out of the UK. Originally formed in 2010, MALEVOLENCE would go on to release two full-length albums since their insurrection. They return to the fold with their three-track EP, “The Other Side”. The opening track, “Remain Unbeaten”, begins with a very relaxing groove metal melody that sucks you into the sound of MALEVOLENCE. The heaviness follows suit and begins to showcase the genre blending prowess of their metalcore attack. The chanting vocals complimenting the hard hitting drumming and impressive guitar soloing, as the violent vocals of Alex Taylor cascade throughout. There is a taste of some thrash metal inspired heaviness that brings the track to a violent point. Towards the end of the track, there is a change of the tempo to lean back into the groove metal undertone the band has blended well within their overall sound.

The opening tracks gives off an idea on how vastly different the sound of MALEVOLENCE can be within the confines of a few minutes to work with. Impressive to say the least. “Keep Your Distance” begins with a pure bought of heaviness. The track is a blistering attack on the sense with unrelenting drums and fast guitar riffing. The musicianship of the band is not lost on this heavy-hitting track, as there are elements of their groove metal undertones peppered throughout. Although the tempo changes for only a few moments, the track continues with its pure metalcore heavy pummeling towards the end, while ending on that high note of brutalness. I was expecting there to be some sort of blending of heavy and groove undertones on the final track, but the pleasant surprise of a beautiful guitar melody entranced my ears completely. MALEVOLENCE is not a musical “one trick pony”. The clean vocals pierce through and offer a sort of alternative rock type sound to the track. The title track of the EP, “The Other Side”., offers another deeper look at what MALEVOLENCE can achieve in their sound. There is that metal heaviness that exists within the brutal vocals and guitar riffs, but the softer side of the band compliments the overall sound of the EP very well.

The Other Side” offers a well-rounded metal pummeling from the metalcore giants, MALEVOLENCE, while simultaneously offering another look at how they can bend genres to their will. If you’re a fan of bands that can get heavy, but also reel you in with pure emotionality, MALEVOLENCE will be a breath of fresh air for you. The only issue is the EP contains three tracks. I am excited to see their sound develop further in their next full-length album.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Remain Unbeaten
2. Keep Your Distance
3. The Other Side
Alex Taylor – Vocals
Konan Hall – Guitars
Josh Baines – Guitars
Wilkie Robinson – Bass
Charlie Thorpe – Drums
Record Label: MLVLTD Records


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