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Malevolent Creation - Doomsday X (CD)

Malevolent Creation
Doomsday X
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 29 August 2007, 5:19 PM

Who wants some pure American mind blowing Death Metal? I do for sure! MALEVOLENT CREATION are back three years after the release of their previous kick-ass album Warkult (2004) to show that they still know how to play some brutal stuff! Basically, that's what I am worried about. Can they still play some good old brutal stuff? Doomsday X will be the answer to my question. Time will show my friends…

Florida's Death Metal scene was one of the top from its very first start until now. Many great bands were born there and have become some of the leading acts of this genre. One of them was the high and mighty MALEVOLENT CREATION, a band that has already left its mark on the Death Metal map with albums like The Ten Commandments (1991) and In Cold Blood (1997). They have been formed in 1987, which means that Doomsday X marks their 20th anniversary as a band. Happy birthday MALEVOLENT CREATION!

The first time I listened to this album, I had the impression that it was full of melodies, and definitely not good ones! As time went by and I listened to the album many more times, I realized that MALEVOLENT CREATION's brutality will always be there and shitty melodies will never see the light of day, not in this band. Doomsday X is characterized mostly by the classic high levels of speed and Death Metal mania, ingredients that this band never left behind. The guitar leads remain a trademark of MALEVOLENT CREATION, and can be mostly described as war tunes and not melody. The production is slightly better than the one they had in Warkult, something that gave them the chance to use a cleaner and more solid sound. The fact is that even though the album is good, it seems that it doesn't manage to get out of the shadow of Warkult. It can't match the brutal assault MALEVOLENT CREATION managed to release in 2004! Not only that, but there were times that many riffs reminded me of other songs. For example the starting riff in Bio-Terror is almost the same with BRUJERIA's Asesino!

Of course, we do not have to do with a shitty Death Metal album; it is just that it seems weaker than the band's previous releases. And since I think that Warkult was a Death Metal masterpiece, I was expecting much more from a band that made me fall in love with the most sick and twisted Metal genre. MALEVOLENT CREATION fans and fans of Death Metal in general will definitely enjoy it; you just don't have to expect to listen to an album that will stand proud next to other releases of the band.

3 Star Rating

Culture Of Doubt
Deliver My Enemy
Buried In A Nameless Grave
Dawn Of Defeat
Prelude To Doomsday
Upon Their Cross
Strength In Numbers
Unleash Hell
Brett Hoffmann - Vocals
Jon Rubin - Guitar
Phil Fasciana - Guitar
Jason Blachowicz - Bass
Dave Culross - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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