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Malformity - Monumental Ruin Award winner

Monumental Ruin
by Craig Rider at 26 May 2021, 5:06 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: MALFORMITY; signed via Unspeakable Axe Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Death Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Monumental Ruin" (released April 19th, 2021).

Since formation in 1991; the quartet in question underwent a four year career until splitting up for what would seem like almost a decade. Advance 9 years later, MALFORMITY would reform into a much stronger tyrant. The 90s (1995 to be exact) run would see two of the same demos entitled: "Black Holes To Heaven'' which were released differently in the space of two months and independently as a separate split where one would be released on March 1st, 1995, while the other would be released on April 15th, 1995 as two differentiate beasts - while the resurrection of the band came to light in the year 2015 with an EP release entitled: "Lectures On The Apocalypse" (released November 23rd, 2015). And then a Single entitled: "The Rapturous Unravelling" (January 12th, 2018) & this finally completed debut album entitled "Monumental Ruin" of which I am introduced to. 13 tracks ranging at around 58:33; MALFORMITY arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments.

Opening up with an apocalyptic soundscape of storm & torrential downpour; a blackened sensation of total ruination unleashes distorted calamity, amongst a brutally devastating amplification in gnarly but blackened articulation - "And I Beheld…" sets the stage for doomy destruction until "Perverse Apotheosis" revels with rampantly rompy rumblings where these sturdy thuds tremble speakers with thrashing momentum. This thunderous maelstrom manifests with stampeding malice, throttling you with striking pursuits on riveting trailblazing that skyrockets with blistering adrenaline and amplified bounciness. Boisterous contrast chisels with profane blasphemy; as audible crescendos in bass artilery injects an infectious yet venomously primitive slab on solid stability, throttling with monstrously meaty malevolence from Eric Snodgrass (also on vocals) who thumps the axe with deathly heft and deadly pile driving laceration in killer tonality.

The vocals consist in raspy throatiness, where tight soars roar with grovelling growls and deep gutturals on ominously weighty yells that bark immensely with intensely cavernous ghoul. "Facemelt Bloodgrinder" belts a clobbering element in frolicking firepower expertise, galloping and chugging with tempestuous but dynamic dexterity from twinning guitar fretters Dan Ratanasit & Glenn Sykes. Both excel at a razor-sharp substance on organic pandemonium, ruthlessly rampaging with rapidly revving swiftness & nimbly quintessential bombast that bulldozes eardrums with fierce harmony.

Embodying an evil empowering execution that utilises uniquely versatile vehemence in blistering frenzies and barraged ramifications that showcases sonically relentless seamlessness profusely. Robust remedy in "Into Ruin" triggers with strong perseverance on vibrantly potent synergies on moody vibes while steamrolling with rollicking mayhem where punchy jumpiness on rambunctious foundations hammer with slamming persistence from battering drummer Craig Vogel. Steely precision stomps with rigorous vigour where nothing but gravitational thrashiness pummels you with the unearthing yet otherworldly ramifications that possess you with satanic repugnancy to break chairs over other chairs with full force impact.

"Monument To Decay" also forges flamboyantly raw malformations on savagely sinister prowess, viciously vivacious velocity momentously grooves a bulldozing drum fabrication at the beginning while fiercely volatile veracity races with radically wicked tendencies that snare speakers with sadistic tenacity…while "Degenerative Sequences" surges with more malignant metamorphosis of choppy but bruising grinds experiment a hybrid virtuosity of crunchy heft and meticulously sulfurous outbursts on uproarious upheaval that scours with systematic sludginess for good measure. "Immolation Archetype" starts off with a dark strum, where ritualistic foundations in borderline grandeur rattles with slaying slashes & progressively technical punchiness that jumps around with extreme aggression - pulsating with ripping quintessentials in chimeric retribution where plunging rhythms melt faces as concrete grit grimes with colossal heat.

"False Dichotomy" marvels with this thick shroud of filthy dirt, and a distinctively distinguished expertise on nasty but fastly hellish havoc attributes at an apt songwriting memorability where the musicianship varies with massive tempos while the sound production resonates with smothering systematics that scatter through you with mammoth titanium. While "Lost Necropolis" engages in catchy domination that subjugates you to burn deeply with the prominent performances that scourges with iron and bellowing èclat, euphonic might & triumphant death explodes with fiendish exhilaration, duo vocalists Snodgrass & Ratanasit merge with similar mellow where this powerful duel growl in closer "In Corrosion"' evolves with such wrath.

"Lifeless Mindless" is a salubriously storming overarch in fluidly chunky creativity, as a primitively medieval march wavers with strife & monolithic mobility…while overall concluding this behemoth of a recording with 2 bonus tracks "Rapturous Damnation" & "Unravelling". Both capture flexibly fundamental chaos as smudgy loops that unravel this roundhousing kick into oblivion while interspersing incredibly towering melodies on mountainous madness that will roll necks with massive blast beats & bludgeoning transparency.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that MALFORMITY most surely outdone themselves with "Monumental Ruin". It is a rare spectacle to see a Death Metal record lasting at just under an hour long where most I've discovered are usually around 30 minutes or a bit more…yet this one makes this very refreshing to witness as it very well could be an album of the year contender for Death Metal domination for me! Such a brilliantly phenomenal representation of brutally hardened & menacing, molten metal that really needs spinning a good handful of times, replayable to death and a sonically seamless exercise in enjoyable entertaining headbanging devastation. Check it out!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. And I Beheld…
2. Perverse Apotheosis
3. Facemelt Bloodgrinder
4. Into Ruin
5. Monument to Decay
6. Degenerative Sequences
7. Immolated Archetype
8. False Dichotomy
9. Lost Necropolis
10, Lifeless Mindless
11. In Corrosion
12. Rapturous Damnation (bonus track)
13. Unraveling (bonus track)
Eric Snodgrass - Bass/Vocals
Dan Ratanasit - Guitars/Vocals
Craig Vogel - Drums
Glenn Sykes - Guitars
Record Label: Unspeakable Axe Records


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