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Malhkebre - Revelation Award winner

by Paulomaniaco at 23 May 2014, 7:43 PM

This French quartet is all about extremity. Their music, album art work and live performance, Black Metal to the core, founded in 2002 in Toulouse France they have released an EP called "Prostation" with four tracks. I would say thus making an impact in the Metal scene and saying that we are here and we will stay.

Messengers of Satan, spreading destruction and pain across the land, sodomy and lust, I quite like that, sounds good to me. The artwork is something that would repel anyone with a weak stomach, it says a lot about a band, lots of band often do not think about that. MALHKEBRE is not just another band, I always enjoyed French bands, I think they all have their own style, and that is good.

MALHKEBRE's sound is raw, dirty, aggressive and evil, the CD starts off with "Multi Santu Vocati" an intro more like a calling to the evil ones followed by "In Pulverem Reverteris" with its rawness and sadistic vocals and distorted guitars. "To Become Or Die" that is the question one asks, serve in heaven or rule in hell, MALHKEBRE have clearly showed what they are all about, I like it. Regarding the production I think they have managed to combine all the ingredients overall, I would not say it is the best Black Metal album I have listened to but they have created a theme and stuck with it, and in my views they are more than welcome to the Black Metal Underground, who am I to fight against these Satan's servant?

4 Star Rating

1. Multi Santu Vocati
2. In Pulverem Reverteris
3. Hysterie Revelatrice - Part I
4. Hysterie Revelatrice - Part II
5. Dogma
6. To Become Or Die
8. The truth Must Be Doubted For Victory
Messiatanik  Armrek - Guitars
Eklezjas'Tik Berzek - Vocals
Shamaaki B. - Drums
kristik A.K. - Bass
Record Label: I, Voidhanger Records


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