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Malicious Death - Last Nail Into The Coffin Award winner

Malicious Death
Last Nail Into The Coffin
by V. Srikar at 14 July 2014, 11:07 PM

What do you expect in a full length Thrash Metal album of just 29 minutes, nothing less than in-your-face Thrash Metal, yeah?! That’s exactly what these Finnish Thrashers bring to the table with their 4th full length named ‘Last Nail Into The Coffin’.

Blasting fast based songs right from the first song, it’s an interesting listen to Thrash connoisseurs as there are songs with cheesy song names like “Thrash Or Die” and “Satan”. The backing vocals here give a good anthemic feel to the songs, and the riffs themselves are good if not ground breaking, as they bring in good air-guitar friendly riffs and also the occasional solos. The bass and drums are just par at best. But it’s the vocals, both backing and lead, that bring the real feel MALICIOUS DEATH to the listener. The vocals of GG are harsh and raspy and actually works for the band’s style, and I wonder why we don’t see many vocalists using this style in Thrash!

“Life In Hell” is an interesting song as it brings in atmospheric feel to the song before bringing in mid tempo head-bangable riffs, something not very often heard in Thrash Metal these days, and is quite impressive. “Rotten To The Core” is one of the more impressive songs in this album as the band gets the anthemic feel right and makes this album all that more stronger. The fact that a song like “Ready For War” reminded me of SODOM just underlines how strong some of these songs are, and the fact is it takes a little bit of time to get into the grove of the album as the first few songs are not as strong as the songs you hear later in the album. There are elements of Punk,Crossover and Speed Metal in this album, but by and large this is a great Thrash album. Lyrically the album speaks of Death, Evil, Violence, War and works great with the song writing too. The fact is that there are no weak songs here, though as mentioned earlier, some are stronger than the others, so this is a treat for all Thrash maniacs out there. The production is much better than some of the recent Thrash albums I have heard and is worth a special mention.

Frankly I haven’t listened to any of the band’s previous albums, which I will now, but I just hope they continue to bring out quality Thrash in the future too. As a whole ‘Last Nail Into the Coffin’ is a treat for fans of all aforementioned genres and take my word, it’s worth a listen.

4 Star Rating

1.    The Chase
2.    Thrash Or Die
3.    Street Violence
4.    Life In Hell
5.    Krustensblud
6.    Rotten To The Core
7.    Ready For War
8.    Lumi
9.   (don't) Follow The Leader
10.  Satan
11.  Suicide Solution
12.  Last Nail Into The Coffin
Bilibaldus – Bass
Jerker – Drums
Obadio – Guitars
GG - Vocals
Record Label: Disentertainment Records


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