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MalifestuM – Enemy Award winner

by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 28 March 2020, 9:35 AM

First of all, this is a cooperation project and brainchild of DAWN OF DESTINY mainman Jens Faber. He decided to create his own supergroup with a number of different artists from various genres. He recruited a number of vocalists from various ranges as well to create this opus. There isn’t much information on the internet about the band itself though but here is a bit of information about the multiple guests on this album.

We have Melissa Bonny from SERENITY that sings on about 75% of the songs and we have Eric Dow from HELSOTT that sings on ‘’The Answer’’. We also have Federica Lanna from SLEEPING ROMANCE that sings of the epic ‘’Adore Me’’ and last but not least we have Zagan from BLACK MESSIAH that sings on the haunting ‘’I Will Know Your Name’’.

I honestly don’t know much about these artists, I know some of the bands but my knowledge is at the bare minimum.  I have been a huge fan of collaborative efforts like this, among bands like AVANTASIA or the legendary AYREON. You have to have the right idea in mind to make this work and you have to put the right voice at the right place. This isn’t a small task to say the least and you pretty much have to have that idea in your head beforehand.

My first thought was this band was a mix of early EPICA and early 2000’s AYREON. You have beautiful and powerful female vocalists mixed in with the veterans like Zagan and Eric Dow. Most of the album revolves around the two female vocalists and both of them have their own style and you can see that they fit well around the songs. They show off what they can do and Jens Faber picked them and they did not disappoint.

Melissa Bonny shows her unique range and veteran worksmanship. You can see she has been at it for a long time and she can have this angelic voice and on another song (like on ‘’Towards the Sun’’) she can let out her aggression. She has a huge skill set and she isn’t afraid to show us! She can sing some emotional lyrics like on ‘’Fear of Tomorrow’’ and can have fun on ‘’This Memory’’. She is such a talented singer and a great discovery for me.

As for Federic Lanna, she is more in the line of Gothic Symphonic Metal singers. She did remind me a bit of Cristina Scabbia from LACUNA COIL or Sharon Den Adel from WITHIN TEMPTATION. She has a more haunting presence than Melissa Bonny and her song ‘’Adore Me’’. This song is probably my favorite of all the album, I can’t pinpoint why it stands out but her vocals are on point and the song really reached out to me.

I did prefer most of the songs that were fronted by Melissa Bonny and Federica Lanna. This is not a critic on the work of the two other guest vocalists, Zagan and his Viking/Folk Metal voice does fit well in ‘’I Will Know Your Name’’ and he makes that song his own. As for the HELLSOT mainman Eric Dow, well he delivers his Death Metal stylings on ‘’The Answer’’. This song stands out from the rest and is probably the most aggressive song of the album, it kinda felt out of place to be honest but it’s still a pretty solid song.

You have something for everyone on this album and this collaborative effort is something else. Jens Faber really assembled an ensemble cast and made one of the most unique albums I have heard in 2020.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Try to touch the Sun (Intro)
2. Towards the Sun
3. This Memory
4. Left without a Cause
5. Time
6. The Answer
7. Fear of Tomorrow
8. The Seed in your Life
9. Adore Me
10. Atomic Bomb
11. I Will know your Name
12. My Enemy
Jens Faber – Guitars, Bass, Drums and Programming
Melissa Bonny –  Vocals
Eric Dow – Vocals
Zagan  – Vocals
Federica Lanna - Vocals
Record Label: Fastball Music


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