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Malkuth - Extreme Bizarre Seduction Award winner

Extreme Bizarre Seduction
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 February 2017, 9:28 AM

The SWOBM had strong echoes in Brazil, because many bands followed the steps of the ancients from the 90s to create their own works. This was the also the time when MYSTERIIS, UNEARTHLY, OCULTAN and other legendary bands of Brazilian Black Metal released their first albums. Another good name from those days is MALKUTH, from Pernambuco, that focus their energies to create something heavy and bitter, but with very good somber melodies, showing a great influence from Greek Black Metal.

The band’s name is so strong that now, after 16 years of its original release, “Extreme Bizarre Seduction” gained a new release, with a different artwork and some bonus tracks. As it was on 2001, the album still sounds morbid and darkened, filled with intense and bitter melodies from keyboards, but always with a strong and bold personality. But they know how to play in harsh and aggressive ways as well, being creative during all the album. So, we can state that “Extreme Bizarre Seduction” didn’t lose its original beauty. The raw and somber sound quality from those days received a remastering, and it was done by Hugo Veikon. The raw and darkened music of the band is still here, only with a better quality, so we can take the best of their songs. The new artwork was done by Wagner Demonart, and now, it really reflects what the band shows on their music (the original cover is really ridiculous; excuse me for being so honest).

Their music is a deep dive into darkness, and their best moments are shown on “Deep Melancholy State: A Poetic Suicide in the Name of Loucyfer” (very good keyboard parts and shrieked vocals, in a song filled with different moments), “My Crucial Story About the Jesus Sinner” (the band’s rhythmic session is perfect, creating great tempo changes), “Devil Bride, Our Erotic Dark Desires” (it is really seductive, showing very good female voices that contrasts perfectly with shrieked tunes), “Extreme Bizarre Seduction” with its grandiose moments and great keyboards’ work; the aggressive and traditional “Lapidis Funebris” (raw and truly fast, in a SWOBM traditional way), and “The Demon’s Mark in my Skin”.

But this version has three bonus tracks, recorded on a live show at Natal (RN), back in 2002: “Deep Melancholy State: A Poetic Suicide in the Name of Loucyfer” and “Devil Bride, Our Erotic Dark Desires”, and besides a live show can have a raw sound quality, here is very, very good. But their version for ROTTING CHRIST’s “Feast of the Grand Whore” (that comes from “Satanas Tedeum” Demo Tape) is really amazing, putting their own energy and identity on the song.

If you’re a Black Metal fan, no matter the country from where you are from, you must know “Extreme Bizarre Seduction” at any cost!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Cry of Adelain (Embrace the Lesbian Goddess)
2. Deep Melancholy State: A Poetic Suicide in the Name of Loucyfer
3. My Crucial Story About the Jesus Sinner
4. Devil Bride, Our Erotic Dark Desires
5. Extreme Bizarre Seduction
6. Gilles de Rais, Lord of Rais
7. Lapidis Funebris
8. …And Ancient Witches Consume Psychotropic Teas
9. The Demon’s Mark in my Skin
10. Deep Melancholy State: A Poetic Suicide in the Name of Loucyfer (Live in Natal/RN 2002)
11. Devil Bride, Our Erotic Dark Desires (Live in Natal/RN 2002)
12. Feast of the Grand Whore (Rotting Christ Cover) (Live in Natal/RN 2002)
Sir Ashtaroth – Vocals, guitars
Holocausto – Bass
Daniela Nightfall – Female vocals, keyboards
Cyber Necro Daemon – Keyboards
Nightfall – Drums
Flammellian Azoth – Bass (live songs)
Record Label: Obscure Chaos Distro


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Edited 03 February 2023

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