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Mallory - 2

by Dan Mailer at 07 November 2014, 5:54 AM

MALLORY brings us old school rock and roll from the capital of France! With a nice sense of attitude, the band brings a nice touch to what I presume is their second album, named “2”

Awake” opens up here with a spoken word intro leading into a raucous bluesy riff and stabbing guitars. This song has a nice sense of groove and gets you into the album nice and easy. The vocals are really well suited, with plenty of grit and attitude necessary for this sort of thing!  “Big Nails” follows this up in a similar fashion, but with a bit of a darker and heavier riff and some nice bass grit. This one also has a really good sense of groove throughout.

The album tends to stick to heavy rock and bluesy stuff, with some interesting songs like “Bad Monkey” which has some interesting chord work with intertwining bass lines, and “Heavy” which has some great rhythm section work, and some great vocals on display too, further strengthened by a good sense of dynamics.

“Runnin” is one of my highlights, with some really cool use of some different guitar chords that keep this one sounding fresh, again bolstered by great use of dynamics, from quieter moments to hefty riffs.

The album ends on “Something” which takes you by surprise with some nice acoustic guitar and light percussion. The vocals are still well suited, with a more Jim Morrison approach this time. This is a generally laid back track, and formed a nice outro to the album, back into some more spoken word to finish.

The production is pretty good, it sounds a little retro and a little modern at the same time, with some nice rhythm section sounds and some nice driven guitar. The vocals are well done too.

Overall this is a solid release from MALLORY, worth checking out if you like bluesy rock with a bit of an edge.

4 Star Rating

1. Awake
2. Big Nails
3. Ready
4. Bad Monkeys
5. Somewhere
6. Summer Rain
7. Heavy
8. Runnin
9. Something
Record Label: Independent


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