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Mallus Spiritus – Vultures of Despair

Mallus Spiritus
Vultures of Despair
by Kris Marsden at 21 December 2022, 6:18 PM

MALLUS SPIRITUS is here! This Portuguese black metal act is a brand-new creation between two entities, with their debut release, “Vultures Of Despair”, released on the 10th of December 2022.

The first track I want to discuss is the song “Vultures Of Despair”, the (self-titled) opening piece, which opens to the sound of the wailing of incantations and a spoken word outburst -followed by a surge of morbid compositions of the guitars and drums, and fustigation screams and hollowing (industrial) incantation snarls/growls -hitting the approx. one minute, and twenty mark (instrumental and vocal don’t change) -the tempo of the piece seem to slow down, to a slow-dense atmosphere -with the feel of making the listener sitting a dark-damp oubliette (roughly means ‘to forget’)

The following track I like to discuss is the eighth track, “Passageway”, which is a three-minute piece consisting of power-driven riffage of the guitar and enchanting drum strikes and an eerie atmosphere pushed in the background, which sends shivers down one’s spinal cord and makes one head bang to the beat of death itself. And the final track I like to talk about is “Disengage the Parasite”, the ninth track and opens to a short mechanical dong -following suit with a faster surge of morbid-instrumental and vocal attack…

Again, like my last review of the German black/death band PALE SPEKTRE, discussing significant tracks and trying to single out individual songs was similarly challenging. “Vultures Of Despair” spawn the same pure dark and raw black metal atmosphere of one continuous playthrough, just like PALE SPEKTRE, with one difference “Vultures Of Despair” adds a flare of a mechanical industrial metal and despair atmosphere within their oubliette black metal structure, especial in some parts of instrumental and vocal work. At the same time, “MALLUS SPIRITUS” delivers and provides this jaw-dropper atmosphere and a hammer fat production that’s loud, raw, and bleak. An oubliette atmosphere consists of an instrumental score composed of morbid compositions consisting of power drum strikes/blast beats that push the songs incredibly, skull-crushing killer riffs. Vocal fustigation screams with industrial incantations and snarls/growls.

“Vultures Of Despair”, in my opinion, with its pure raw, dark, and despairing musical spectrum, after a few moments, of hearing the opening track, the excitement kicks in of hearing something so twisted and oubliette as this release, with the slow-dense atmosphere which captures that despair and forgets about the feeling of being alone. At the same time, the music delivers a pure head-driver banger. Even the artwork is evil-looking and dark -it suits the music perfectly!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Vultures of Despair
2. The Dead Star of Bethlehem
3. Spectral Voices from a Chasmic Void
4. Shepherds of Deception
5. The Fall is to Win
6. Spiritus Decadentia
7. Resume to Nothingness
8. Passageway
9. Disengage the Parasite
10. Spiritual Deviations (Rituals of the Flesh)
Jorman Khaos – Multi-Instrumentalist and Morbid Compositions
RP Possessed – Screams and Vocal Fustigation
Record Label: Raging Planet Records


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