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Malrun - Two Thrones

Two Thrones
by YngwieViking at 01 June 2014, 1:07 AM

Nordic Modern Metallers, MALRUN are very happy to announce that they have signed a deal with Swedish extreme label ViciSolum Productions that offered the exact combination of dedication, lot of commitments and ambitions in the future, a force in the process of launching MALRUN to the upper level, indeed the upcoming album “Two Thrones” set to release on 29th August 2014 seems to be a very important turning point and  a determinant fact in their career.

The new single “Justine” is clearly a step forward in terms of sonic identity, with an addictive and infectious melodic chorus built in opposition toward a wall of sharp guitar barrage and a violent mood. The 2nd single “Cycle of Abuse” is scheduled for release in June, this song provides another hyper catchy melody and a few radio phonic irresistible hooks, with a great alternance of furious & groovy elements…The contemporary harshness is reinvented here, and the result of this amalgam between those antagonist parameters is unexpected, enhanced like a dangerous rollercoaster ride. Those smart choices are the perfect representation of what MALRUN is today, a great mix of modern day Metal with a strong commercial appeal but also an honest direction, the remaining tracks are balanced between the two divergent option with a natural equilibrium that leads me to a respectful behavior and a good pair of thumbs-up.

This duality is represented as a whole or can be summed by the superb yet schizophrenic vocal performance of the very versatile singer Mr. Jacob Lobner, his characteristics are numberless and astonishing even more forceful than his past work…His range and capacities seems to be limitless, obviously the true asset of this Danish gang. Once again the talented MALRUN's boys have teamed up with the experienced studio magician/The Danish Metal-guru / Amazing knobs wizard Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT / MERCENARY / AMARANTHE / ANUBIS GATE) who has produced, mixed, and mastered the album in a close collaboration with the band in a similar and challenging target. If I had to complete my review with the mandatory analogy , I would have opted for MERCENARY meets modern SOILWORK meets STONE SOUR but luckily nobody’s requested for it… So.

MALRUN are about to show to the world their new face, an improved technical temper with a new found subtlety, "Two Thrones" is an album with an even more melodic, aggressive, attaching, and powerful unity, this evolution takes his roots to their intensive touring and numerous live experiences, this more organic feeling has been incorporated directly in the creative writing process for this new album in order to make their sound even more accessible/effective, each elements sounds like pushed at its maximum, without the shadow of a doubt their most melodic album yet at the same time Heavier as hell… Easily recommended.

4 Star Rating

1. Justine
2. Forbidden Fruit
3. Cycle of Abuse
4. Prelude / Serpent’s Coil
5. Serpent’s Coil
6. Bury the Dead for You
7. Confessions
8. Eye of Horus
9. Light the Way
10. The Ignorant…
11. Dance of the Satyr
12. The Ghost of You
Mads Lind Ingeman - Guitars
Patrick Nybroe - Guitars
Ulrik Sølgaard-Nielsen - Bass
Mikkel Johnsen - Drums
Jacob Loebner - Lead Vocals
Record Label: ViciSolum Productions


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