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Malsanctum - Malsanctum

by Der Bärtige Mann at 29 June 2018, 12:30 AM

Canada’s own Malsanctum unleash their debut Funeral Doom album. In 2015 their released their first Demo: “Metamorbid Fetishization”, which Iron Bonehead had this on Bandcamp to say: “Continuing their quest to unearth the darkest, gnarliest gems of the metal underground, IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present MALSANCTUM's debut demo, Metamorbid Fetishization. Aptly titled, Metamorbid Fetishization is a sick 'n' sickening trawl through depths of sonic degradation. Neither doom metal nor funeral doom nor black metal, and yet malforming each with copious (and severe) slices of noise and ritualistic abandon, MALSANCTUM care not for the listener's comfort; only other-side atmosphere matters, and the journey to there. Alternately spacious and suffocating, Metamorbid Fetishization is a sprawling, one-track trek straight into the abyss.”

The new album is a 3-Track, which is usually more common with the standard E.P, but the band clearly fill the 45 breath taking minutes with pure class. Its due for release on the 13th July as to date (29th June) has no stream but check out the Bandcamp link above to see if it has any stream. “The Father” has an intro parallel to an instrumental you’d hear in a documentary about a serial killer. It spreads the darkness right from the start. The morbid darken vocals as a key factor in any Funeral Doom album. The vocals build up in the background, the melody is the louder and more interchangeable aspect straight away. As above states regarding the demo, there is a feel of multiple genre aspects in this. The Doom vocals meet the Black Metal melody, mixing the darkened styles form Funeral Doom. It’s hard to work out which they are delving into more. This is in no way a bad thing, the different styles come together to blend perfectly. The pace is constant but slow enough to appreciate the beauty. The sounds would fit at home in the dwelling darkness of the mind of a madman. The outburst vocals are little more than mutterings, but somehow work greatly. Less is more.

“The Son” has a more aggressive vocal moaning to start, more like a tortured being, which goes with the intro. The vocal mutter returns not far into the song, the same pace as “The Father” and seemingly, as frequent. The drums seem deeper, used more in this melody. The pace of the melody is faster, but still keeping the Funeral Doom speed, as not to leave the genre they so choose. The song doesn’t seem to want to head in a different direction, other than what was laid out from the start. This is a good thing, as too many bands when starting off try to do too much to quickly in songs. The chanting sparks up something different. Like the voices whispered into the ear of a madman. The flickering words seem peaceful and friendly, but beneath their surface lays a dark and shadowy line.

The Shattered Spirit” is a 23-minute mix of a darkened cocktail which sane minds may wander from. With what seems like steel being beaten in the background, almost like you lay in a cell awaiting the executioner. New melodic styles are tried throughout this song, some around the 6-minute mark are far more peaceful, allowing your mind to relax, as if they put this in for you to appreciate what you’ve heard so far. It picks up around the 11-minute stage of the song into a drum beat as if awaiting a verdict: Life or Death? From here on out it is a mix of dark vocal mutters, almost chanting, and a strange array of melodic mash up, showing an experimental side to the album.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Father
2. The Son
3. The Shattered Spirit
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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