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Malus Dextra - III Pt. 1

Malus Dextra
III Pt. 1
by Andrew Harvey at 20 February 2023, 5:52 AM

We have a metalcore trio who come from the city of St Louis in the state of Missouri, USA started with two members; one of which is guitarist JUSTIN RUESCH(ex-member of D-RAILED and BRUTAL HARMONY)and the second is vocalist WAYNE ALLISON(ex-member of STRANDS OF FATE and VICTIMS OF LIFE). Both came together in 2017 to form their band MALUS DEXTRA as they were influenced by the core objective with an ‘intent to bring the world music that was not limited to the boundaries of genre and subgenres’. So get ready for the absolute carnage and unbelievable musicianship of these guys and if you are very keen about the likes of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, I PREVAIL and SLAYER then you will certainly take a great liking to MALUS DEXTRA. The two entered the studio and came up with their debut self titled album in the year of 2017 with two singles being released before the album came out, this was followed by an extensive tour in 2018.

Moving on from their success of the first album, they released yet another single which was included on their second album THE GATE released in 2020, following on from this record, the band had two EP’s coming out close enough to one another. The first titled THE SOMBER MOMENT and the second was titled BANGIN BIONIC BEATS as the first EP was basically a remix of tracks taken from the first and second album, the second EP was a collection of acoustic songs, so what was next for these guys you ask. Well after this another new single came out, this was included on what is now to be their third album to date titled III PART 1 as this will be the first of a multi-part release, as the album dropped at the end of Octover 2022. This new album also introduces their new bassist ALEX SMICK as he was brought in just before the EP’s came out in late October 2022.

The first of four tracks on this album, is “Pit” where we hear an aggressive punch in the air by the awesome trio of musicians in the band, as drums comes first to set the pace for the vocals and guitars to introduce themselves. Lots of metallic ringing from the cymbals as we hear vocals scream as loud as they can with a nasty bite, guitar thrills the overall mix with stunning riffs as drums also thump with those heavy thick snare hits. Guitar we hear so much vibrato and the vocals are full of projection and depth, they speak so well but the other sections where it is guitars and drums binding together, they work so well as this makes the track stand out for the whole time. Into the next track which is “Tomorrow” as a metalcore guitar drives the track for a change, drums is there but the guitars dominate so much as vocals are not loud at first but then they do become more prominent later on in the track.

The contrast and transitions of vocals are remarkable, it is certain that the vocals are also seen as the narrative element of this album, as this track demonstrates how much the vocals are just as important as the guitars or drums are. Guitar and drums do blend so well in one particular section, as they display more of a progressive or hardcore sound than anything but vocals do bring them all back down to earth, it was a chance for guitar to seek glory as this track is simply true to it’s purpose. A repeat of what we heard before as we now head into the next track which is “Parasite” as a stamping drum pattern brings this track to life, vocals and guitars do join in this three and a half minute track that has so much consistency for drums to go on autopilot.

The guitars do still have the time to show off their quick riffs that support the track as drums are so full of confidence, even at one stage vocals become more subtle only to roar just as much as they have before. Guitar goes wild when it has the opportunity and even vocals has a more mid range hissing part, but overall this track is another blast of metalcore passion and drive. A final guitar swoop with a whip of magic is the leading note into the fourth or final track of this album, which is “Til The End”. The closing track has much of the same of what we heard throughout the album, rebellious guitar riffs, crushing drums and bellowing vocals as they compete against guitar for the leading role in this four part sensation of an album.

The album certainly has a lot to take away, it is just relentless, wicked and iconic as well as being such a big contender for the band to become popular, as well as thrive on. There is of course more to come, as this is the first of a multipart release so hold onto your hats as we look forward to hearing more from this band. I certainly will keep an eye out for the next part and I know it will if it is just as good as this release, then we may have found the answer if anyone wonders whether metalcore is still alive, it is here to stay and long it may it last. A fantastic album with so much talent and a kick ass attitude, do enjoy it.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Pit
2. Tomorrow
3. Parasite
4. Til The End
Wayne Allison - Vocals
Justin Ruesch - Guitars
Alex Smick - Guitars and Bass
Record Label: WormHoleDeath Productions


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