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Mammoth Mammoth - Kreuzug

Mammoth Mammoth
by Dani Bandoliner at 28 December 2019, 4:19 AM

Heavy rockers MAMMOTH MAMMOTH (2007) carry a couple different passports when they hit the road – Germany (Berlin) and Australia (I know it’s a big country) to be exact. These dudes are MOTORHEAD, DWARVES and ROSE TATOO disciples and I mean freaking fun. This whole disc absolutely flys-by when you have a listen. So let’s have us a listen mates!

The first track “I’m Ready” throws down immediate oompa loompa mosh that stands right up and circles the MÖTORHEAD’s “Ace of Spades” square dance. “Wanted Man” takes us down close to sin city, maybe too close. "Motherf@cker" asks for a bar of soap with a dirty mouth chorus that I bloody well hope your mother never has to listen to. Now when track #4 “Screamin” shows up with the rockin’ boogie we commence to hoppin’. MAMMOTH MAMMOTH brings the shine when they ease up on their straight arm rugby run thru rockland and get on down with the boogie chillun groove. Title track “Kreuzung” keeps the love flowing and I detect a bit of Stephen Pearcy of RATT in vocalist Mikey Tucker’s voice. Marco Gennaro’s clean and deft guitar picking also shows specks of fun RATT influence alluding to the classic guitar lines and tones of DeMartini and Crosby – without the obvious dual guitar harmonies.

Don’t presume this as an inference these guys rock like RATT … but they do have some of these elements in their songs which redirects them from the DWARVES musical campground on hell-bent-for-rock river near where MAMMOTH MAMMOTH has their flag planted. Track #7 “Tonight” backtrack boogies right around into “Mad World” where Marco does the two-step shuffle alá Würzel. “Lead Boots” sees Mikey bring the double barreled vocals- the modulated crooning in the verses reminds me of FILTER’s Richard Patrick which alternate with the hollow low voice chorus that slushes the drugged out baritone that Axl Rose uses in “Night Train” before raving out Kreuzung with the finale “God’s Gonna Hate Me”. These guys have gotta be a riot to see live, a caffeinated Aussie rock hootenanny with some production and stylistic notes of Euro metal.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. I’m Ready
2. Wanted Man
3. Motherf@cker
4. Screamin’
5. Kreuzung
6. Tear It Down
7. Tonight
8. Mad World
9. Let Go
10. Lead Boots
11. God’s Gonna Hate Me
Mikey Tucker - Vocals
Frank Trobbiani - Drums
Marco Gennaro - Guitar
Kris Sinister - Bass
Record Label: Napalm Records


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