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Mammoth Storm - Fornjot

Mammoth Storm
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 January 2016, 10:27 PM

Sweden is, to all those who seeks for new Metal bands, a paradise on Earth.

Since the times when BATHORY started to release albums, the country's scene entered in a great combustion process, giving birth to many and many names. Death Metal, Black Metal, traditional Heavy Metal, Power Metal, all Metal styles you can think of has a band in the Swedish scene. But in recent times, it seems that the local scene of Sweden is becoming focused on bands like MAMMOTH STORM, that is coming with them their first album, "Fornjot".

Well, they play a mix between Stoner Metal/Rock with Doom Metal, that slow and heavy sound, with a vocal that sometimes is harsh as hell, and sometimes uses a more melodic way to express the musical ideas. Ok, that's not the newest thing on Earth and not the most original music you could think about, but it has a good insight. And a very good feature: they do not use a so nasty way to play, that same one that sometimes turns the sound into a distorted sound mass that we can understand. It's nasty and a bitter raw, but not so much.

As said above, to their sound gains life, it demands a sound quality that can join a raw sound with clean insight. And they really got near it, having that abrasive sound on bass and guitars chords, and a thundering and raw sound on drums, but all with quality.

The only critical point is the long duration of their songs. Ok, Big Daddy here understands the style and its features, but in some songs, a shorter way should fit better.

But besides that, songs as the abrasive and bitter "Augurs Echo" (with its depressive feeling and slow guitar riffs. It's nasty, but with a good musical quality), the funereal "Fornjot" (that presents some good melodies, along with a melodic and introspective work on vocals contrasting with the usual more aggressive tunes), the depressive "Horns of Jura", and the aggressive "Ancient Apocalypse" with its thundering rhythmic kitchen (the bass and drums with this heavy basis are the heart of their music, indeed).

Good album, but just this.

3 Star Rating

1. Augurs Echo
2. Vultures Prey
3. Sumerian Cry
4. Fornjot
5. Horns of Jura
6. Hekla
7. Ancient Apocalypse
Daniel Arvidsson - Vocals, Bass
Christer Ström - Guitars
Emil Ahlman - Drums, Organ
Record Label: Napalm Records


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