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Mammüth - Outlander Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 23 March 2018, 4:57 AM

Sometimes, a genre label can’t describe a musical work from a band. Some label it as this or that format, but it’s a wrong way, because you say to Metal fans that a band is something, they run away from the album, and it could be exactly what the fans were looking for. In my hands, I have the latest work from the Norwegian sextet MAMMÜTH, “Outlander”, a band that is labeled as Stoner Rock/Metal. But, nothing could be far from this label than their music!

They obviously use those same greasy instrumental tunes from Stoner Metal bands, but the easy and catching melodies, the whole harmonic concept of their songs, the use of an ample range of musical elements turn it all completely different from what the words “Stoner Rock/Metal” mean. It’s different, it’s personal, and it’s excellent! It’s like a mix from some old harmonies from the past with modern elements (the nasty voices with aggressive tunes is a fine example), so be prepared for a vortex of experimentalism, but always with a good taste.

On the sound quality, we can hear that the band did a fine work on the production, and Martin Skaer made a great work on the mix and mastering. All sounds heavy and abrasive, but always guided by a clean insight, and the result is really excellent. All sound oppressive and heavy, but allowing their melodic lines and harmonic structures to be understood without problems. “Outlander” isn’t so easy to deal with, because they use very long songs (only three of them have durations below six minutes), but the amazing festival of rhythmic changes and great melodies will hook you.

The album is truly excellent in all the 12 songs, but “Circling Vultures” with its different mix of elements, the grooving greasy guitars of “Dead Man’s Trail”, the oppressive weight with introspective melodies of “Fields of Bones”, the fine rhythmic changes of “Fortuneteller” (very good work from bass guitar and drums, with elements going from impacting aggressive notes to complex harmonies), the “sabbathic” guitars heard on “Hadrian’s Wall”, the hooking groove sound that comes from the long and complex “Hierophant” (very good work from vocals, with some hooking tunes’ variations), and… Ah, forget it, hear the entire album, because all the songs are really great, proof of a good name that is arising on Norway.

They are really an excellent band, so be prepared for MAMMÜTH’s attack. “Outlander” will crush your ears!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Circling Vultures
2. Dead Man’s Trail
3. Fields of Bones
4. Fortuneteller
5. God Eater
6. Hadrian’s Wall
7. Hierophant
8. Lightyears
9. Monstrosity
10. Outlander
11. Space Ghost
12. Uncharted Waters
Steffen Overaa - Vocals and Synth
Stian Svorkmo - Vocals and Rythm Guitars
Christian Schei - Lead Guitars
Stig Johansen - Bass
David Hjellum - Drums
Record Label: Negative Vibe Records


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