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Man Machine Industry - Doomsday Clock Award winner

Man Machine Industry
Doomsday Clock
by James Brizuela at 02 April 2020, 4:46 AM

MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY, is a solo heavy metal project from the mighty J. Bergman. Based in Stockholm, they originally formed in 2000. Now they return with their brand-new full-length album, “Doomsday Clock”.

MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY has a very traditional heavy metal sound, but within that traditional elements exists influences of industrial and thrash metal. The production value of this album is through the roof. All the instrumentals exist in this clear-cut fashion that allows you to appreciate the entirety of the heavy metal sound. “Prince of Lies” showcases the musical prowess of MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY. The track bursts with a gritty heavy metal output, leading into a thrash infused wave of dominance. The orchestral elements add a nice touch to the overall depth of the music.

The tracks in this album are incredibly catchy. They may not be the most brutal, but they get the job done sonically. There are a lot of undertones that make this album special. “By His Hand” comes in strong with the sped-up thrash tempo. There is a power metal vibe that goes along with the sound. There is an incredibly well-done guitar solo to boot. “Age of the Doomsday Clock” has a surprisingly brutal intro to it. I was not expecting to hear some brutal vocals, but the backing growls thrown in was very welcomed. There is a break in the normal tempo to give a softer side of music that fits so well. There is so much catchy music that exists in this album. “Chosen to Divide” returns with the thrash fierceness. The backing vocals add that extra element of chanting fun.

There is a lot of musical surprises in the album. “The March of the Dead” has a very folk tempo to it. There are a lot of sub-genres being blended in this album and done in very fantastic fashion. MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY is not afraid to mix things up. “Sins of the Fathers” caps off the album with a beautiful guitar melody. If nothing else, “Doomsday Clock” is a masterfully musically sound album.

MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY might not be the most brutal music to listen to it, which is my normal go to, but they make up for that with sonically tight entertaining heavy metal. I found myself headbanging throughout the album. If you like any kind of traditional heavy metal, “Doomsday Clock” is the album for you.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. At the Sound of Violence
2. Prince of Lies
3. River Turned Red
4. By His Hand
5. Age of the Doomsday Clock
6. Ps. Next Time
7. Chosen to Divide
8. Judgmental Ways
9. The March of the Dead
10. Sins of the Fathers
J. Bergman – Vocals
Anders Sevebo – Bass
Johan Lund – Guitars
Fabian Perreau - Drums
Record Label: GMR Music Group


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