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Man Machine Industry – Escheton 1. - Reckoning Day

Man Machine Industry
Escheton 1. - Reckoning Day
by Oli Gonzalez at 27 June 2022, 5:53 AM

Swedish thrash metallers “MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY” are now two decades into their career with “Escheton 1. - Reckoning Day” being their latest effort. A band that describes themselves as simply “Heavy thrashin' metal!”. Are they going to be a throwback to an era by gone, or will they offer something new and fresh into the genre? We’ll see. “The Mander”, the opening instrumental track I didn’t know I needed, but one I now I knew that I needed! I love how they incorporated acoustic instruments to give it that progressive, folk flavour, much in the style of OPETH. Before I’ve had time to process and admire it enough, then we’re into “Betrayer Of The Code”. I’m getting more of an early 00s metalcore vibe, mixed with a bit of thrash. Much in the style of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. I’m enjoying this genre hopping, and can certainly see many different elements and ideas within the chaos. However, this being one of their strengths is also a bit of a let-down. I’d have preferred the ideas to progress more slowly and naturally. Still, a strong opening with a song filled with meaty hooks and thrashy goodness.

Whereas the previous song was a bit chaotic, I think the band have gone for a more minimalist, back to basics approach with “Information Overload”. This works! A nice catchy vocal line and aesthetic guitar riffs are all that are required sometimes for an effective metal song. That’s exactly what they have here. Some of those basslines and rhythms pack a punch though! “Black Rain” is one of my favourites so far! They’ve incorporated groove elements and slowed the pace right down. The subtle use of synths in the backing track is masterful too. As well as those crushing rhythms. Nice work. I haven’t really mentioned production at this stage, but for me it’s clear this has been recorded to an exceptional standard! This is most evident in “Hi Tech System Collapse”. The way those piercing guitar melodies slice their way through the mix with crisps and efficient sharpness is evidence of some very high end production. Everything else in the mix sits elegantly too.

“Apophis” takes more of a thrash direction, but with a more contemporary melodic twist. Some thrash bands sadly sound far too raw and primitive, which worked in the 80s but not today. “MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY” have breathed new life into the genre with their latest effort. I can see elements of SLAYER in the closing of the song, the slower choppier rhythm providing that illusion. Sadly, the album ends with a short outro track “Reckoning Day”. Sadly because I was honestly getting really invested in this album! Just means I’ve got to go and check out their other material. In a way, I’m glad though. They’ve given a small sample of their very impressive sound, a sound that incorporates good old fashioned thrash goodness with delightful melodies in a neat contemporary package.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. The Mander
2. Betrayer Of The Code
3. Information Overload
4. Black Rain
5. Hi Tech System Collapse
6. Apophis
7. Reckoning Day
Johnny – Vocals
Johan – Guitars
Anders  – Bass
Fabian – Drums
Record Label: GMR Music Group


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