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Man Must Die - Peace Was Never An Option

Man Must Die
Peace Was Never An Option
by Joe Reed at 03 October 2013, 4:58 PM

After releasing their last two records on Relapse Records, MAN MUST DIE is back with their fourth full length on Lifeforce entitled “Peace Was Never An Option”. If names or titles suggest anything, expect a vicious onslaught of technical (yet melodic) Death / Grind from these veterans that shouldn’t disappoint.

MAN MUST DIE’s sound is comparable to MISERY INDEX and NAPALM DEATH with noticeable influences from melodic Swedish Metal that makes for a rather unique brand of extreme music and certainly helps them stand out in a rather large crowd of bands. The drumming of James Burke immediately grabs your attention and as “Sectarian”, “Hiding in Plain Sight”, and “Antisocial Network” demonstrate, he is capable of interesting transitions from blasting grind to smooth groove laden double bass work that helps each track glide smoothly throughout the record.

With an overall clean sound and approach to production, “Peace Was Never An Option” is an easily listenable record that highlights the band’s impressive characteristics quite well. The guitar work of Alan McFarland is as enjoyable as it is schizophrenic. From the Death Metal influenced riffs in “Absence Makes the Hate Grow Stronger” to the harmonious “The Price You Pay”, McFarland is a guitarist who lets so many influences come through in the creation of something uniquely his own, a characteristic I find very endearing in some of my favorite musicians. Joe McGlynn’s powerful roar is reminiscent of Barney Greenway of NAPALM DEATH for the most part, but often bare a similarity to Burton C. Bell of FEAR FACTORY insofar as he is able to adjust rather nicely from robust belts to clear and melodic singing without sacrificing any of the aggression that listeners and fans have come to expect.

Technically sound without coming across as overdone and melodic without limiting the brutal approach, this record demonstrates the inclusivity and dynamics of the Death / Grind genre that carries on the tradition of bands like BRUTAL TRUTH who pushed the genre’s limitations and offered new creative avenues for both listeners to come to and bands to explore. Well done. 

3 Star Rating

1. Congregation
2. Hiding in Plain Sight
3. Patriot
4. The Hell I Fear
5. Sectarian
6. Dissolution
7. Absence Makes the Hate Grow Stronger
8. The Price You Pay
9. Antisocial Network
10. Abuser Friendly
11. On the Verge of Collapse
12. The Day I Died
Alan McFarland - Guitars
Joe McGlynn - Vocals
Daniel Firth - Bass
James Burke - Drums
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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