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Man Must Die - The Pain Behind It All Award winner

Man Must Die
The Pain Behind It All
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 16 March 2023, 4:30 AM

If one could think in a deeper way, the possibilities of creating something personal on Metal is limited only by the mental limits of the musicians. What is the deeper sense of these words: a band is limited only when musicians are constrained by ideas as ‘this is the way it must sound’ or ‘this pioneer did this, so we must attain ourselves to it’. The best thing to do: to give a big fuck to all of this and scream out loud ‘I’ll do it my own way, and fuck all the pioneers and everyone else that wants to confine my creative sight’. And it seems the message behind MAN MUST DIE’s music, as these Scottish rioters unleashes a brutal crush with “The Pain Behind It All”.

They’re working in a modern form of Technical Death Metal, but not merely it. They use a blend between the genre with aspects of Thrash Metal and Hardcore into their aggressive and technical music. It’s really full of hooks and even some experimental touches (as the keyboards’ touches that temper “The Pain Behind It All”). And the most important feature of the album: one can perceive clearly the load of emotions that flows from the songs, a rare thing today (when the greater part of bands is playing in a mechanized way due the ‘respect’ to models). Yes, the abrasive appeal of the album can’t hide these emotions, and it’s really great! The sound quality of “The Pain Behind It All” is excellent, defined and aggressive, but the insight used on it seems to be a variant of what is usually heard on terms of Thrash Metal/Crossover: sharp instrumental tunes in a dry form. But it’s abrasive and clear. In other words: it’s a perfect sonority for such set of songs.

 “The Pain Behind It All” is their first album in ten years (the last one was “Peace Was Never an Option”, released back in 2013), so be prepared to deal with their musical hunger shown on excellent moments as “Patterns in the Chaos” (a massive and technical Death/Thrash Metal onslaught with clear Hardcore traces, with many hooks on the guitar riffs and arrangements), “The Pain Behind It All” (one of the finest moments on the entire album, an abrasive and slow tempos-based song, with expressive vocals, with the particular grunts of the band being shaped by some clean tunes), “In the Hour Before Your Death” (some excellent melodies appears in some moments, and the playing of bass guitar and drums supports the brutality of the song), “Clickhate” (another fast and furious song, with a clear Death Metal appeal), “Enabler” (another song that focuses on bitter ambiences and abrasive melodies, with slow tempos and very good snarls and clean vocals), “Bring Me the Head of the King” (another song filled with Death/Thrash Metal hooks, so expect a shrapnel of excellent guitar riffs), “War is My Will” (this one will make the V.U. displays of your sound gears explodes or melt due its monumental energy), and “Who Goes There?/I.F.F.”. So you must feel enjoy the mix between hate, deception, anger and revolt they express, but remember: these emotions exist to show that hope lies as long as one works for a better world.

Be prepared, because after so long time of waiting, MAN MUST DIE is hungry, and “The Pain Behind It All” is really amazing, one of the best releases of this year!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. O.C.D. (instrumental)
2. Patterns in the Chaos
3. The Pain Behind It All
4. In the Hour Before Your Death
5. Clickhate
6. Enabler
7. Bring Me the Head of the King
8. War is My Will
9. Alone in a Crowded Room (instrumental)
10. Who Goes There? / I.F.F.
Joe McGlynn - Vocals
Alan McFarland - Guitars
Michael Allan - Guitars
James Wright - Bass
Tony Corio - Drums
Record Label: Distortion Music Group


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