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Manegarm - Nattvasen (CD)

by Harry Papadopoulos at 18 December 2009, 1:47 PM

To tell the truth, I had this album in my hands for quite some time. But due to some things (that is not of your business!), I didn't have the opportunity to listen to it on time. But from the first time I put Nattvasen in my CD player, it stayed there for many hours.

MANEGARM are not new to our beloved scene. The band was formed in 1995 by Pierre, Jonas and Svernne Rosendal. The band's first name was ANTIKRIST but they changed it a year ago. As they state in their bio, they took their name after a vampire wolf of Norse legend. During those years, they've released five full length albums, an EP and a split live DVD alongside ALKONOST and KALEVALA (both originate from Russia). So, let's see what their sixth album Nattvasen has to say.

At first, when I saw the titles from the tracks - and knowing they play Viking/Folk Metal - I was ready to bet that this would be a mediocre album, since I was waiting for another copy-paste CD. But when Mina Faders Hall started with some great clean choirs, and after that the growls of Erik alongside a great riff that sticks in your mind, I was glad I didn't took that bet. The good thing is that they didn't forget their black Metal past. So you can distinguish some Black Metal touches, mostly in the vocals and some riffs in almost every track. They will remind you of bands like AMON AMARTH, but who said that this is bad? Nattsjal, Dromsjal continued surprising me in a good way, with a chorus that, even now, I'm mumbling to it and a good addition of violin in some parts. MANEGARM of course has some folk melodies and organs like flute and cello in their compositions, but the good thing is that they are well placed without being irritating and childish after a while.

And after the small but atmospheric Hraesvelg comes Vetrarmegin, the 'blackest' song of the album, that shows how organs like flute can bind nicely with this genre. Believe me, I can go on writing about this album, but I thing you got the point. One of the few things that I think could have been better is the production of the album, which I think should have been powerful.

Fans of non-childish Folk Metal will really enjoy Nattvasen. A well-worked album, with catchy melodies and nice ideas. What else should we ask for? I already think myself with a pint of beer in my hand, watching MANEGARM on stage.

3 Star Rating

Mina Faders Hall
Nattsjal, Dromsjal
I Den Svartaste Jord
Erik Grawsio - Vocals, Drums
Markus Ande - Guitars
Jonas Rune Almquist - Guitars
Pierre Wilhelmsson - Bass
Janne Liljeqvist - Violin, Flute, Cello
Record Label: Regain Records


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