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Manes - Be All End All Award winner

Be All End All
by Jack Webb at 10 February 2015, 11:04 PM

Once a critically acclaimed Black Metal band, MANES have since transformed into something that can only be called “Experimental”. This drastic change in sound alienated previous fans and had others flock to hear it.

The previous full length offering of MANES was their 2007 release “How the World Came to End”. A sonically challenging album that, whilst receiving above average reviews, only gave a taste of what is to follow. Coming across as almost Lounge sounding on the album opener “A Deathpact Most Immentinet” this entire musical journey feels like it should only be listened to whilst being accompanied by fine wine and the most elegant food.

The emotion within the music here is paramount. You form a personal attachment with each track as the layers of music and instruments melt away. Listeners are invited in under the guise of melodies, only to be haunted by chilling lyrics. Standout track “Ars Moriendi (The Lower Crown)” is a prime example of this. Melding electronic elements with more well tread sounds to achieve something amazing.

Whilst at times the electronic elements become overbearing, they are constantly followed up by more contemporary music. Creating almost a call and repeat musical landscape. This is highly effective as it is a doorway for newer listeners, whilst still progressing from the previous release. You never feel as though the tracks are running away from you with their ideas, the progressions on display here, whilst they are dynamic and emotion building, are never too much for a first time listener.

It is difficult to place MANES within a musical map. They draw elements from Electronic based music, Ambient music and Post-Rock. What is created from this melting pot of genres and ideas is almost indescribable, but “Be All End All” in a great album none the less.

4 Star Rating

1. A Deathpact Most Imminent
2. Ars Moriendi (The Lower Crown)
3. A Safe Place in the Unsafe
4. Blanket of Ashes
5. Broken Fire
6. Free as in Free to Leave
7. Name the Serpent
8. The Nature and Function of Sacrifice
9. Turn the Streams
Tor-Helge Skei - Guitars, Keyboards and Programming
Torstein Parelius - Bass
Rune Hoemsnes - Drums and Percussion
Eivind Fjoseide - Guitars
Asgeir Hatlen - Vocals
Record Label: Debemur Morti Productions


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