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Mangel - Mangel Award winner

by Michael Coyle at 18 November 2014, 4:13 PM

So we start this review off with a very mellow and ambient title track. As the track opens we hear this very dark piano melody being played as well as a very faint echo of wind, from the actual look of this song it is just an opener for the entire E.P but still it makes a bold statement. From what I gather it has this loneliness vibe to it as if one person is staring into nothingness.

The intro shows that the band have prepared something special and different for the listener and as such it is something that can also build up the listeners expectations. So now we lead into the first full song of the E.P “Finstere Nacht”. The track starts off quite fast and melodic in its own way giving the idea that the band are focusing more on an original sound of Black Metal, as it continue the vocals also kick in bringing with them a torn and intense sound that is both strong and dark, from what I can really say of this is that the band have worked hard in creating a very atmospheric sound mixed with traditional melody and strength. As the track progresses we see that the band have experimented with different ideas for what would then be this song, there are some very interesting guitar parts throughout this song but I think with a change in style this band has molded a very impressive structure to what is MANGEL.

It is rare to find a Black Metal band that isn't trying to be the next MAYHEM as with a lot of modern age Black Metal there is always going to be that one band, but with MANGEL they have created their own style and I believe that this shows that the future for Black Metal is secured by bands like these as with change in a style it shows that there is open mindedness when it comes to their writing style.

To conclude, MANGEL are a new band that have created a very strong piece of music, not only does it show that the band have molded a new style in Black Metal but also that they have constructed what could be one of the most important E.Ps in modern Black Metal. I personally feel that with what this recording holds it could in fact build to something greater, without a doubt the future of Black Metal is secured by the efforts of MANGEL.

5 Star Rating

1. Mangel
2. Finstere Nacht
3. A drift in desire
4. Wahllos
Marcel Levermann - All Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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