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Mangled - Through Ancient Times Award winner

Through Ancient Times
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 04 March 2015, 8:25 PM

When we are dealing with Death Metal, we all think about the Floridian scene in the United States or the Swedish scene. They were (and still are) the main sources for the style in the world, but for those who know the scene for 20 years know that when we are talking about Death Metal, Netherlands had a great amount of good names. SINISTER, GOREFEST, GOD DETHRONED, CENTURIAN are some names we could think, but there were very good bands that were not as known as they deserved. But Vic Records is doing a fine work, bringing back some fine works that dust of time covered. And one of the finest is MANGLED, a fine quintet, and they could be one of the best names of the scene, as this compilation, “Through Ancient Times”, can prove.

They were a very, very good band, using not so usual elements of music inside their brutal grasp, as some melodies and touches of Jazz influences, some broken tempos and great rhythmic variations. The vocals are perfect in their guttural ways that remind a lot earlier works from Jorg “Corpsegrinder” Fischer in his MONSTROSITY times, very good guitar duo (both in technical riffs and excellent solos), and a technical and heavy rhythmic kitchen. And it was truly different from what many bands were doing in those times (yes, they were active between 1989 and 2006). And this album is a compilation of their first album, 1998  “Ancient Times”, but having material from the demos, 1992 “Cadaverous” and 1993 “Perish”, and the EPs 1996 “…In Emptiness” and 2004 “Carnal Abhorrence”. A delight, I must say.

The sound quality is good, and seems that they did a re-mastering of the material, putting them in a good level of quality. Of course you’ll find some variations, but remember: it’s a compilation, so it will happen.

16 tracks of pure skull crushing music, but the better ones are “Raise My Fist in the Face of God” (great rhythmic work along excellent riffs), “In Ancient Times I – De Christianis” and “In Ancient Times III – Bellum Gallicum”, but I really recommend you to hear the entire work. It deserves our full attention.

Perfect, so we hope MANGLED could come back from the dead, and thanks a lot to Vic Records for this gift.

5 Star Rating

1. Raise My Fist in the Face of God
2. Eve Of Mourning
3. In Ancient Times I – De Christianis
4. Bathe in Blood
5. Era – Odium
6. The Emptiness of Being
7. Goatrider
8. Unbearable
9. The 7th Key
10. The Sleeping Paradise
11. In Ancient Times II – Erotica
12. When Fall Reaches Awareness
13. Call of Silence
14. In Ancient Times III – Bellum Gallicum
15. Mangled
16. Perished Innocence
Pepijn Houwen - Vocals
Harold Gielen - Guitars
Erwin Hermsen - Guitars
Loek Peeters - Bass
Floris de Jonge - Drums
Record Label: Vic Records


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