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Mangler - Dimensions of Terror Award winner

Dimensions of Terror
by Kyle Scott at 03 July 2018, 8:45 AM

MANGLER was not created just so they could go easy on your ears or your psyche. Between the crash of cymbals (no doubt hurled at a wall repeatedly), and the creepy serial stalker vibes given off by Jonathan Lozo’s vocals in “Switchblade Homicide”, the auditory violence you experience listening to “Dimensions of Terror” take its toll, and sooner rather than later. Fairly nascent, MANGLER was formed by Drummer Tyson Seery and Vocalist Jonathan Lozo. Lozo used to be involved in other underground Thrash/Death Metal acts of his native Ontario before forming MANGLER with Seery. Lozo was a part of bands such as ACID CROSS, GAPING GRAVE, REGRET, and DIABHOLICO, all of which remain active save for REGRET. “Dimensions of Terror” is MANGLER’s official debut album.

With filthy frets and uncharacteristically sinister lyrics, MANGLER paints a deadly picture not in blood and gore, but insanity spray painted walls and killers hiding in the wings. There’s a monster hiding in chaos on “Dimensions of Terror”, and it’s incessantly whispering through the vents, prepared to wait out everyone who tries to find its hiding spot. Between songs like “Heavy Metal Wolves”, “Satanic Panic!” and “Thine Axe Cleaves” the metallic tinge of bloodlust is unmistakable, permeating the album with the stench of an abandoned slaughterhouse.

Title track “Dimensions of Terror” got taken from its 2017 demo off MANGLER’s first release “Promo 2017”. Not much had needed to be changed, save for a mini drum solo before the song starts. “Heavy Metal Wolves” got the same treatment, nothing new added, it’s pretty much the same as when it was first issued. “Dimensions of Terror” is nine tracks of Hell; one for each circle. Each one speeds down a spiraling track, sparks flying, traveling further and further into some darkened abyss. Totally insane, there is no restrain, it is far too late to apologize to MANGLER. They probably wouldn’t try to listen, anyways.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Switchblade Homicide
2. Satan’s Regulator
3. Heavy Metal Wolves
4. Dimensions of Terror
5. Thine Axe Cleaves
6. Hell’s Horsemen
7. Satanic Panic!
8. Last Great Warrior King
Tyson Seery - Drums
Dan Hurtubise - Bass
Jonathan Lozo – Vocals and Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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