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Manhattan Lovestory - Manhattan Lovestory

Manhattan Lovestory
Manhattan Lovestory
by Dana Lautzenheiser at 07 February 2018, 7:33 AM

Deathcore band MANHATTAN LOVESTORY released their self titled debut November 11, 2017. Don’t let their name confuse, this band hails from Germany, not New York, and has nothing to do with a love story. The band’s name originates from the Native American word “Manna Hata” translating to poisoned place. “Manna Hata”, track one, drives in with formidable force and a deathcore sound that crushes. Pavlos’s grizzly, chainsaw vocals add a sleek finish to the sound.

“Distant Places” follows thunderously. The song is heavy and atmospheric with some groove to it. The track melts into an ominous, apocalyptic orchestral outro. Cymbal crashes lead into a cavalcade of double bass in “Contradiction”. The song rips with tight death metal riffing and a thick beat. There is a point where the song mellows with a more subtle sound from the guitar and some whispery conversation. “False existence” blasts in with intensity and just enough melody in the guitars to catch your ear and hold your attention. MANHATTAN LOVESTORY delivers another tight track heavily laden with death metal riffing in “Denial.”

“Brutality Will Prevail” builds into another ruthless track. The band does not relent for a second, “Extinct” brings ferocity and brutal breakdowns. “The Manhattan Project” finishes things off with one last strike to the head. MANHATTAN LOVESTORY's debut is a well crafted work of musicianship, however I’m hesitant to say that it stands out to me as something new or different. Their music while heavy and dark, is not overly original as of yet. This is a young band, and I’m curious to see how their sound will mature.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Manna Hata
2. Distant Places
3. Contradiction
4. False Existence
5. Denial
6. Brutality Will Prevail
7. Extinct
8. The Manhattan Project
Oliver Claus - Guitar
Jelle van Ijsselmuiden - Drums
Johannes Wolfs - Guitar
Robin Khorrami  - Bass
Pavlos Chatzistavridis - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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