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Maniac Abductor - Damage Is Done Award winner

Maniac Abductor
Damage Is Done
by Kevin Lewis at 29 August 2022, 3:35 AM

MANIAC ABDUCTOR is a Finnish Thrash Metal band formed in 2013. Heavily influenced by the classic era of Thrash Metal, they carry the torch of the old school to a new generation. Their sophomore offering, “Damage Is Done,” was released on May 20th, 2022, via Wormhole Death Records.

This album is pure Thrash Metal right from the start. The title track, “Damage Is Done,” starts with a classic drum count in, then rips your face off with a massive guitar riff. The drums are fast and set a blistering tempo, giving the bass something to work for. The twin guitar assault is brutal and beautiful. Whether raging in tandem or with one spinning off to lead/solo, they always stay connected.

In classic Thrash Metal style, MANIAC ABDUCTOR has a lot of rage in their words and that is reflected in how the vocals are delivered. “Odd Man Out” has an angst to it, as is depicted in the heavily distorted riff and the gritty vocal delivery. “Disciple Of Hate” follows, offering more rage and killer Thrash Metal power chords, fused with excellent lead work.

Human Greed” and “Endless War” both burn hot, though “Endless War” has the briefest Melodic Metal intro before it goes off the rails. Here, we have more fiery lyrics backed with killer guitar work. There are even a few Tom Araya style screams scattered into this track. One of the big appeals for this band is their ability to showcase the old school Thrash with new melodies, fusing the generations together in a beautifully brutal hybrid.

One of the crunchiest riffs on the disc is the opening of “Justice Denied.” The bass and drums on this record are really good, some of the best out there, but there is just something about their guitar work that makes this album pop for me. This is everything I like in my Thrash Metal, fast, aggressive, heavy, and pissed off. Most people don’t go “Off to Deathrow” with a joyous heart and some pep in their step. I want that to be an absolutely rageful song.

The last, and longest, track on the disc is “Ghosts of the killing Field.” At six and a half minutes, it finishes the album off with a bit more than you get from the shorter songs. This one opens slowly, with melodic guitar work that almost lulls you into a false sense of security before smashing you upside the head with a killer riff. As with the rest of the songs, the bass and drums really propel the song forward, driving the riff like an expensive sports car.

MANIAC ABDUCTOR writes killer Thrash Metal songs. They play killer Thrash Metal songs. They carry the past into the present and give us hope for the future of the genre. Thrash is alive and well. New albums by some of the old guards are being matched by these newer bands. It’s like we get to watch the torch being passed in real time.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Damage is Done
2. Odd Man Out
3. Disciples of Hate
4. Human Greed
5. Endless War
6. Justice Denied
7. Off to Deathrow
8. Ghosts of the Killing Fields
Niklas Pappinen – Vocals
Roni Kostamo – Bass
Jesse Räsänen – Drums
Jesse Elo – Guitar
Saku Tauru – Guitar
Record Label: Wormhole Death Records


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Edited 29 November 2022

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