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Manngard - European Cowards (CD)

European Cowards
by Yiannis Doukas at 06 December 2007, 2:45 PM

In the name of Satan, what is this? Are you joking me? This is the worst mix of hardcore music like MASTODON, some metal riffs that try to be VOIVOD or the last works of SLAYER with some mathcore shit from USA.
They are from Bergen of Norway, with their debut - that if I judge by this one, I surely don't want to hear it - released in 2006 under the name Circling Buzzards. MANNGARD does their best to be different, unique but the music is awful, the vocals are shit (the singer is also in SAHG) and the complicity makes me having headache. Every song has many riffs and changes but the result is rubbish. Some nice moments or VOIVOD-ish style parts are buried into this nothingness, with Implicit Approval Of Your Uninvited Guests being the best from the ditch. If Hercules quest was to listen to it he would have committed suicide! Imagine my situation, that I heard it in three times!
You don't have time for spending; I'll give them one point 'cause of the VOIVOD times.

1 Star Rating

Pests In Pools Of Stagnant Water
European Cowards
Republic Of Texas
Expulsion Of The Assailants Part 1: Implicit Approval Of Your Uninvited Guests
Expulsion Of The Assailants Part 2: Surgical Removal Of Your Evil Thoughts
Divine Justice
Evil Raping Evil
You Smell Of Dust, Are You Alive?
Olav Iversen - Vocals
Olav Kristiseter - Guitars
Iver Sandoey - Drums
Einride Torvik - Bass
Record Label: Nocturnal Art Productions


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