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Manowar - Fire & Blood (CD)

Fire & Blood
by David Kaluza at 23 December 2002, 12:26 PM

Fire & Blood is the second full-length Manowar DvD release, containing not one but two DvD's, adding up to an amazing 275 minutes running time.
The package consists of both part 2 of the Hell On Earth series, as well as Blood In Brazil, which is the full-length 98 Monsters Of Rock concert in Sao Paulo, more than enough to please even the most fanatic Manowar fan I would say.
It's safe to say that both of the discs are of very high quality, both in the audio as well as the video department so let's review the contents instead. You honestly can't go far wrong with the Blood In Brazil disc, which for me was what I have been waiting for a long time now - a complete, uncut Manowar gig in front of an amazing audience playing an absolutely classic set list. On top of that you also get some bonus material, including 2 tracks from the 2002 Ringfest performance (very nice as well), an alternate version of Sign Of The Hammer and some interviews - not bad at all.
It is clear that Manowar listened to their fans when it comes to the second disc, Hell On Earth part II. Everyone's main complaint with the previous part in the series was that, although it was fun to watch, it was missing complete songs (which was rather disappointing) and exactly this has been altered for this release. Instead of just 2 hours of backstage material, this time around we get a dozen complete songs, interwoven with small, very entertaining sequences and interviews of the various band members in action - and the track list (again !) is one to kill for - including such immortal classics as for example Bridge Of Death, Guyana and Battle Hymn. The disc also contains (again) some bonus material in the form of a french version of Courage, Thor and some material which didn't make the final cut and was left out.
All in all Fire & Blood deserves, as far as I'm concerned, the highest accolade - not only for the quantity (which is amazing) but also for the very high quality in which everything is delivered. If you are a Manowar fan, there is no reason whatsoever not to get this (erh…save for the fact that you might be missing a DvD player). A future classic as far as music DvD's go !!

4 Star Rating

Disc 1

Blood Of The Kings
Voulez Vous
Bridge Of Death
March For Revenge
The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Army Of Immortals
Master Of The Wind
Dark Avenger
Battle Hymns
Courage (french)

Disc 2

Metal Daze
Blood Of My Enemys
Kill With Power
Sign Of The Hammer
Gates Of Valhalla
Sting Of The Bumblebee
The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Metal Warriors
Kings Of Metal
The Power
Hail And Kill
Black Wind, Fire And Steel
The Crown And The Ring
Sign Of The Hammer
Warriors Of The World United
House Of Death
Eric Adams - Vocals
Joey DeMaio - Bass
Karl Logan - Guitars
Scott Columbus - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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