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Manowar - The Day The Earth Shook (CD)

The Day The Earth Shook
by David Kaluza at 25 February 2007, 9:04 AM

Another year. Another MANOWAR DVD. And just like with their previous set (which was last years Hell On Earth Part IV) I can't help the feeling that this abundance of live material is just a bit too much of a good thing. After all how many times can you re-use the same old clichés and offer us the same content before it gets boring? In fact I probably could have done the main part of this review (and gotten away with it) by simply copy-pasting most of what I wrote for Hell On Earth Part IV. Indeed. It is THAT predictable.
That is not too say that there is anything necessarily bad on here. Better even, the live performance on disc one is actually the best show the band has released so far. Shot in high definition, it covers their entire Earthshaker Fest gig, minus a handful of slightly annoying moments that were cut out like the sound check or Demaio's bass problems (these can still be seen as extras at the end of the disc however - but why anyone would want too is a bit beyond me). Both audio and video are of the highest quality and pretty much puts everything to shame that other bands have released over the last couple of months.
The performance of the band itself is certainly more than adequate as well, although it shows that the real star of the night is Eric Adams. This not just thanks to his amazing vocal performance, but also due to the fact that he genuinely seems to be enjoying himself more than anything else. Other highlights in the show include the appearance of the former bandmembers, who each play a couple of tracks from their respective era with the band (with Dark Avenger and The Glory Of Achilles packing the most punch), the orchestra, and of course Battle Hymns, which gets played by everyone (both past as well as current members) at the same time and truly is a sight to behold. The only thing that slightly bothered me was the fact that even with all the spectacle going on the band pretty much stuck to their tried 'n tested setlist. I would have enjoyed a seeing few more rare tracks like Secrets Of Steel or The Oath pop up. Also sort of a missed chance was the fact that even with an entire orchestra present the band felt the need to end the show with the same old tape of The Crown And The Ring they always use. The one time they could have performed it live and they blew it. Still, the amazing fireworks on display nearly make up for it, and in itself the first disc is absolutely worth watching and owning.
Disc 2 however is an entirely different matter. Although the first thirty minutes are an interesting look at the preparations surrounding the Earthshaker Fest, the remaining two and a half hours are made up of footage from the fan convention and is not something which I'll bother to watch twice. Although I am sure that it is fun to watch if you were actually present and it does make for a nice souvenir, it definitely is a lot less interesting for anyone only moderately interested in the band. I never thought I'd say it but after four previous DVD's I really had my fill of tits, ass & beer. Still even this disc contains a few highlights, mostly in the form of the guitar clinics, Ross The Boss's genuine show of emotion concerning the fan's reaction to his presence and Eric Adams being…ehm… Eric Adams. And I have to admit that indeed, the entire Viking ceremony and theatrics come across as quite spectacular. But all in all I really felt that the second disc could have almost been skipped in it's entirety.
So is The Absolute Power worth buying? I'll give you the same answer as in my review of Hell On Earth Part IV. If you are a die-hard fan of the band who feels he still hasn't seen enough on the previous DVD releases or you have been at the fan convention or the Earthshaker Fest than this is a must-have. If not you might be better off buying Fire & Blood first. In the end though, the quality of what is on offer is definitely high enough to warrant purchase. It just depends on how much of an interest in Manowar you really have.

4 Star Rating

Disc 1

The Ascension
Brothers Of Metal
Call To Arms
Sun Of Death
Kings Of Metal
Sign Of The Hammer
Screams Of Blood
Blood Of My Enemies
Kill With Power
Triumph Of Steel Era Introduction
Metal Warriors
The Glory Of Achilles
Battle Hymns Era Introduction
Metal Daze
Dark Avenger
House Of Death
Herz Aus Stahl
Wagner Tribute
Prelude To Act III From Lohengrin
King Of Kings
Hell On Wheels
Warriors Of The World United
Hail And Kill
Black Wind, Fire And Steel
Battle Hymn
The Crown And The Ring
Historical Moments
Bass Solo
Rainer's Award
Sound Check
Strohofer Family Tribute
Chopper Competition
Tour Dates

Disc 2

The Beginning
New York Rehearsals
Orchestra & Choir Rehearsals
The House Of Death
The PA
Sound Check
Filming In HD
Manowar Fan Convention The Extended Experience
Fan Club History
Fan Convention Story
The Doors Open
Opening Ceremonies
Greetings Brothers
The Face Of Destiny
Fallen Brother
Women On Stage
There Can Be Only One
Special Guests
Past Members
The Kings Of Metal
Horses Of Steel
Ross The Boss Guitar Clinic
David Shankle Guitar Clinic
Karl Logan Guitar Clinic
Eric Adams Meet And Greet
Scott Columbus Drum Clinic
Voice Of The Immortals
Arm Wrestling Competition
Eric Adams' Scream Competition
Beer Drinking Joey Style
Manowar Q & A
Manowar Sound Check
Miss Manowar
Fan Confessionals
Eric Adams - Vocals
Joey Demaio - Bass
Carl Logan - Guitars
Scott Columbus - Drums
Record Label: Magic Circle Music


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