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Manowar - Thunder In The Sky EP (CD)

Thunder In The Sky EP
by Maria Kallinikou at 06 July 2009, 11:49 AM

When MANOWAR's latest studio album Gods Of War was released, there were many that thought the band had a slight deviation from its classic line. Having already started their European Tour, MANOWAR are releasing their new EP called Thunder In The Sky, which is a double CD as the second disc includes only versions of the track Father in 15 languages. Well, that's something; with moves such this one, it is no wonder that MANOWAR have the most devoted fans. This EP is just an appetizer, before they release their full length album Hammer Of The Gods this Fall.

Proceeding now to the rest songs of the EP, Thunder In The Sky in general offers nothing more and nothing less than classic MANOWAR tunes. The self titled song has a galloping sound, as always, and with the - not unexpected - epic break in the middle of the melody included. Somehow the drums sound strange, like someone is opening the cutlery drawer.

Let The Gods Decide, has simple guitar riffs and fast solos; this is classic MANOWAR, and truly I cannot rate this EP like I ignore the rest of their albums, because the style of this band remains after all the same.

Father is a nice ballad, has a good melody, and only in the English version one can understand what I mean. In German it is good as well, for the other 13 languages I cannot have an opinion as I cannot tell anything about the accent part. As for the Greek version, this tune sounds cheesier than ever. Sorry, but it is true.
Die With Honour is a song that hides lots of power, and in a way or another it will remind you of a bunch of other relative MANOWAR songs. Of course the choir chorus is present. Once again MANOWAR's solos were never diamonds, but this band has a special place in our hearts for other virtues.

For Crown And The Ring what can I say, you know the song. Although I don't get why they call it the heavy version; what is the difference? The vocals in the original version though and the sound were extra massive, something isn't right with Eric's voice in this one. Moreover, the high-hat idea at the end (awfully) sounds like someone forgot to take off the metronome from the recording process. So is this track called heavy, just because it has guitars? God Or Man is the last song of this EP, and it puts the end quite dynamically.

One thing we have to admit is that MANOWAR, taking the decision of translating and singing Father in 15 languages - doesn't matter the accent - is something that not many bands would do for their fans. On the other hand this EP is a classic MANOWAR piece that every fan should possess.

P.S.: There is not a rate. You can not rate MANOWAR (for various reasons).

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Thunder In The Sky
Let The Gods Decide
Die With Honor (Edit Version)
The Crown And The Ring (Heavy Version)
God Or Man
Eric Adams - Vocals
Joey De Maio - Bass, Keyboards
Karl Logan - Guitars
Scott Columbus - Drums
Record Label: Magic Circle Music


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