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Mantar Bhandal - Equivalent Exchange

Mantar Bhandal
Equivalent Exchange
by Jojo Hamilton at 18 January 2020, 2:56 PM

MANTAR BHANDAL is a one man band and all round amazing dude! Not only does he sing, he also plays every instrument himself! He self produced his album “Equivalent Exchange” as well so he is a truly unique artist as there are not many who can say they write, record play every instrument, master & produce their own album. Mantar is a highly skilled artist who also dabbles in video editing and graphic design. He owns 2 drum kits and no less than 12 guitars! that’s a fine collection for any metal head to lay claim to. He has previously released his debut album “Side By Side” in 2016 & “Equivalent Exchange” in 2019. He also released a self titled EP with his previous band SWINGFALL. The one man band that is MANTAR BHANDAL brings us the 6 track album “Equivalent Exchange” and below I will give a summery of a few tracks from the album. Firstly I will say his style varies from Heavy to Thrash Metal and is suited to those who like SLAYER, INSOMNIUM and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. If your a fan of any of these bands I suggest you give this CD a listen.

Song number 1 is the title track of the album “Equivalent Exchange” which opens at a fast and hard pace which just screams out to head bang to. In this song you will hear the variety of styles in Mantar’s vocal range, from singing to growling to screaming. He certainly is a man of many talents! Song number 2 “The Other Side” opens as a melodic piece with a short bit of “him/her” talking to not give too much away. This is a song with a more gentle touch and shows the variations that are on the album giving it a softer, feminine touch with the guest vocals. Song number 3 on the album is called “Unknown.” It has a quieter opening giving way to a very heavy and thrashy entrance to the song. The style of the music is Heavy Metal with a mixture of singing normally & adding thrash here and there. Song number 4 is a song called “A Hero Just For Fun.” Its fast paced and has bite! It’s a song that makes you want to swing your hair around as you play your air guitar. Giving the tempo of the song a loud volume is recommended. Number 5 on the album, the song “God Of Fortune” is a song lasting 5 minutes 51 seconds and is quite a smooth track with a slower pace and gentle rhythm. This song has some really excellent instrumental work throughout and is a pleasure to tune in to. The final track on the album is called “Onto The Next Day” and is an awesome song to complete the album and bring it to a close. It’s a melodic song with a gentle opening style. The instrumental introduction to the song gives you chills as the riffs are strung from the heavens! In kicks the drum beats and this non vocal song brings a fine album to a close.

Overall I’ve got to say this album is well written, mastered & produced. It has flair, fantasy & flight to take it off the ground. The very fact that Mantar is a one man band, playing every instrument & singing not to mention the technical side of things for example the mastering, recording and production of the album, is a high achievement in itself. It cant be the easiest thing to produce such an excellent work of musicianship on your own so credit where it’s due. It will be interesting to see what follows next for MANTAR BHANDAL as a one man band in the future.

Songwriting 8
Musicianship 9
Memorability 8
Production 8

4 Star Rating

1. Equivalent Exchange
2. The Other Side
3. Unknown
4. A Hero Just For Fun
5. God Of Fortune
6. Onto The Next Day
Mantar Bhandal – Everything
Record Label: Mirrow Media


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Edited 02 December 2022

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